How to Style a Pale-Coloured Wood Flooring

a bedroom with a bed and a rug on the floor.

When we think of wood floors, we often picture deep, brown mahogany with rich, dark tones and hues. While this type of wood certainly remains popular, there are lots of other options out there. Pale-coloured wood is becoming increasingly popular and can offer something a little bit different. Whether it’s solid wood oroak laminate flooring, … Read more

4 fun alternatives to a bicycle

Pexels. CCO Licensed. When it comes to getting around locally, a bike is one of the most convenient options. You can ride it on the pavement or the road – or even on grass. On top of this, bikes can be ridden by all ages from kids to seniors. However, bicycles aren’t the only street … Read more

Superthings Vehicles Review

a little girl playing with a toy on a wooden deck.

Superthings are the ultimate collectible toy for kids so we were excited to get our hands on the brand new Superthings Vehicles. If you haven’t heard about the guardians of Kazoom yet then where have you been? Superthings are mini figures that come in a variety of sizes and styles based on normal household items … Read more