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Travel and tourist destinations in the UK

There is nothing better than getting some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life by going travelling. Travelling is a great opportunity to experience new cultures and seeing countries, giving you the chance to immerse yourself in new environments.  Whether you are going travelling just for a week or two, or are going on an extended holiday for a few months, your… Read More »Travel and tourist destinations in the UK


Partyitos furry friends – review

Arlo was delighted to have the chance to review the brand new range from Cutetitos. These cuddly creatures come wrapped up in their own blanket which you have to open and unroll to reveal your character. The latest range are here to “get the party started”. There are eight different characters to collect in the Partyitos range and there are four different patterns to the… Read More »Partyitos furry friends – review


Dream Bright Care Bear review

The Care Bears are a group of loveable huggable BFFs who lean on each other, embracing courage determination and friendship in order to keep spreading those good caring vibes to the world. This year marks their 40th anniversary and so there’s some awesome new bears in the group and they’re all available to collect. Arlo was super excited to be sent on a mission by… Read More »Dream Bright Care Bear review


Tonka Monster Metal Movers – review

Tonka Monster Metal Movers I jumped at the opportunity to review two new packs from the Tonka range. Tonka are a brand with a huge history originally established in 1946. Well known for their steel toy models of construction toy trucks and machinery. Tonka has been a favourite all over the world for over 70 years, and is built to withstand the toughest of play.… Read More »Tonka Monster Metal Movers – review

40 years of Phoenix dance

Entertainment. Emotion. Education. On Saturday evening I was invited to see 40 years of Phoenix dance at the Birmingham rep. I have to be honest and say that every single performance moved me. From the core shaking drums of the opening act to the heartbreak of suicide in the final act. I love the performing arts and the ability dance and music has to inspire.… Read More »40 years of Phoenix dance

Afternoon tea in the Midlands

Spring has arrived and Mother’s Day is coming up. It is time to start planning in some lunch dates with the ladies. There are some glorious spots to visit for Afternoon Tea in the Midlands and beyond. Here’s a list of some of my top picks. Great places to pause for refreshment in the midst of a busy day or to visit as a destination… Read More »Afternoon tea in the Midlands


How to Raise a Confident Child

As children grow and develop new skills, they also become increasingly more confident. Confidence is important because it’s what allows children to put those skills into practise and bounce back if things don’t go to plan. It’s what allows them to perform well in school and eventually seek out a successful and fulfilling career. Those who lack confidence are usually afraid to try. Parents can help their children become more… Read More »How to Raise a Confident Child


Helping Your Child Become More Independent

Parents are naturally inclined to do things on their child’s behalf, whether that be to save time or simply to make life easier for the youngster. However, when parents take over, they are inadvertently sending a message that they don’t have faith in their child’s abilities, which will unfortunately have long-lasting side effects. Your child will never learn to believe in themselves or solve problems independently… Read More »Helping Your Child Become More Independent