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I have already published my Valentine’s Day gift guide which is full of unusual fun gift ideas for your loved ones, however I felt that this tennis bracelet from CARAT deserved its own full page feature, purely because from the moment I opened it I fell in love with it.

The details

This beautiful bracelet is sterling silver with a white gold finish and it’s beauty lies in all of its intricate details. The signature slider from CARAT is just perfect for creating a comfortable fit for any pieces within the collection and is embellished itself with unique alternatives to mined gemstones.

I used to believe that diamonds were a girls best friend and then I watched the blood diamond movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and my eyes were opened to the horrors behind the industry. Carat works alongside sister company “gentle diamonds” to create diamonds in a lab. The result of eighteen years hard work is just as magnificent and a sustainable alternative to the real thing.

I’m really impressed. The bracelet I chose arrived within days of ordering and in the most perfect luxurious gift box, wrapped up in a branded ribbon. As soon as I lifted open the box the stones caught the light and I couldn’t wait to lift it out and reveal the sparkles. I have quite a varied taste when it comes to my own jewellery, and can often be seen wearing costume pieces for day to day accessories but when it comes to special events I like to wear something timeless and classic – the Lexi Tennis bracelet is perfect for this.

You can wear this bracelet alone or mix and match from the collection from CARAT with gold and rose gold pieces designed to be layered to create a unique modern playful style. The bracelet itself is adjustable from 13-21 cm – I like to wear mine right but with the “tails” dangling to create a little eye catching sparkle of their own.

Each stone is perfectly set, their round brilliant cut and diamond white appearance catches the light. The fine detail exudes elegance – a tennis bracelet like this should be a staple for all jewellery fans and makes the ideal valentines gift for someone special.

Did you know: The tennis bracelet got its name from tennis. And if you follow tennis, you may already know this story. In 1987, top American tennis player Chris Evert was playing at the US Open. Evert always wore a diamond bracelet on the tennis court, designed by George Bedewi. Journalists therefore often referred to her jewellery as a “tennis bracelet”. The bracelet became world-famous during a match against Wendy Turnbull. She saw that the bracelet was no longer on her wrist, so asked for the match to be stopped immediately, until the precious bracelet was found.

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