How to dye spaghetti pasta for sensory tuff tray play

Messy Play - spaghetti

Are you searching for a great way to introduce much fun and different textures into your child’s playtime? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of rainbow spaghetti, a fantastic sensory play activity that not only captivates young children but also contributes to their brain development, language skills, and emotional growth. … Read more

Crafting with Nature: Printing on a Tuff Tray

Nature printing Tuff Tray

After the success of a previous nature themed tuff tray , which involved using found leaves from a nature walk as our canvas I decided to repeat the idea. Nature printing on a tuff tray but follow the creative vision Arlo started. Last time I covered the whole tray in brown paper with the intention … Read more

A mini Beast Tuff Tray

Exploring mini beasts  - A Tuff Tray invitation for  pre schoolers

Like most three year olds Arlo is absolutely obsessed with bugs and so now that spring is blooming the garden is full of them and they are a great natural resource to explore. We have been moving around the pots and digging up the borders for the last few weeks and so have found quite … Read more

Nature painting tuff tray

Nature painting tuff tray

A really simple painting invitation to play. You will need: Paper plates Brushes Paint Collected materials – pinecones and leaves etc. We have been collecting all sorts of random bits and bobs on our nature walks, from pebbles, to pinecones and leaves because Arlo takes his scavenger hunting very seriously. So finally putting all of … Read more