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Bug Hotel

Welcome to Rainbow Towers! Our bug hotel was an amazon find, the basic wooden box arrived flat pack and had to be glued together which didn’t take too long at all. Then is was just a case of doing a little bit of interior design. I set up a nature tuff tray and we set to work. The straw, pine cones and bamboo sticks all… Read More »Bug Hotel

Nature printing Tuff Tray

After the success of our previous nature themed tuff tray I decided to set this one up again. Last time I covered the whole tray in brown paper but we didn’t end up using it to full effect, but I’m glad I provided some sheets of craft paper alongside paints squeezed in to paper plates and some bamboo sticks, pine cones and straw. As you… Read More »Nature printing Tuff Tray

Nature painting tuff tray

A really simple painting invitation to play. You will need: Paper plates Brushes Paint Collected materials – pinecones and leaves etc. We have been collecting all sorts of random bits and bobs on our nature walks, from pebbles, to pinecones and leaves because Arlo takes his scavenger hunting very seriously. So finally putting all of the bits and bobs to good use I covered Arlo’s… Read More »Nature painting tuff tray

Floral Sun Catchers

We are still playing with collected flowers from our daily exercise (and also from the garden). Arlo loves the colours and the smell and is starting to recognise specific flowers and learn their names. For this activity you will need: Laminator Laminated flowers Scissors Collected flowers Hole punch Scissors Circular template We collected flowers for this in our own garden one evening – grandad has… Read More »Floral Sun Catchers

Frozen flowers

During our flower themed scavenger hunt we collected some beautiful flowers, and so we have been putting them to good use. For this activity you will need: Small collection of flowers Ice cube tray Tupperware container Calpol syringe Paint brush Tooth brush Cup of warm water All you need to do is place a flower or two in each compartment with water and freeze overnight.… Read More »Frozen flowers

Plants and flower hunt

Another scavenger hunt activity inspired by the success of our recent Mini Beast hunt and chase the rainbow treasure collecting activities. We used the Twinkl Plants and Flowers Hunt sheet. I printed this one twice and condensed it down to one page of A4. This worksheet is fabulous as it has all sorts of really common flowers that you can find on a walk outdoors… Read More »Plants and flower hunt

Chase the rainbow Scavenger hunt

This is another super simple scavenger hunt, printed from the amazing Twinkle Arlo really enjoyed hunting for bugs the first time we tried this on our daily exercise. I don’t have many bugs indoors but our home is full of random little objects so I needed a new idea. Scavenger hunts help develop observational skills and build problem solving skills too. Along side looking for… Read More »Chase the rainbow Scavenger hunt

Mini Beast Scavenger Hunt

You will need: A list of things to find It’s as simple as that really. I used another twinkl printable resource but you could easily create your own list without a printer. I laminated our list so we can use it with a dry wipe pen during our daily exercise walks but we practised first at home – Arlo went hunting for all his little… Read More »Mini Beast Scavenger Hunt

Planting seeds

We have been spending a huge amount of time in the garden. Grandad is obsessed with his lawn and has lots of random bits and bobs lying around, and naturally Arlo likes to follow him as he potters around. To include Arlo we bought a children’s gardening set from amazon but this isn’t essential. You will need: Seeds Compost Pots (recycled yoghurt pots are great)… Read More »Planting seeds

The Eden Project

What a beautiful place. This is a “must do” if you’re visiting Cornwall. It’s hard to describe what it’s all about because the experience is so breathtaking, but to put it simply it’s a huge project set up in a reclaimed China clay pit with two huge biomes (large greenhouse type domes) and surrounded by an outdoor garden interspersed with art and informative exhibitions. This… Read More »The Eden Project