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Frozen flowers

    During our flower themed scavenger hunt we collected some beautiful flowers, and so we have been putting them to good use. For this activity you will need: Small collection of flowers Ice cube tray Tupperware container Calpol syringe Paint brush Tooth brush Cup of warm water All you need to do is place a flower or two in each compartment with water and freeze overnight.… Read More »Frozen flowers

    Easter Eggstravaganza

    Easter Eggstravaganza

      We love to celebrate in our family… any excuse for a gathering and we will all get together and start planning the food. Easter is quickly becoming as commercial as Christmas, and I don’t see this as a bad thing. We aren’t religious as a family but having been bought up in a multi cultural city I think it’s important to acknowledge all cultures, (we… Read More »Easter Eggstravaganza

      Feeling Natural

        Sensory baskets are such a good way to start encouraging independent play. Arlo was seven months when he got his first basket. I decided to create a natural themed basket as up until this stage he had mainly experienced plastic and brightly coloured toys.In this basket I chose to include: Wooden spoons Cotton flannel Sponge Leather chamois Wooden curtain rings A pine cone A dolly… Read More »Feeling Natural