Single and ready to mingle – is online dating the future?

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Here I am in my early thirties and facing 2021 as a single mum… to be honest I did start 2020 in the same way too but this last year has been a bit of a write off for any social interaction….. let alone dating!

Happy being single (or am I?)

I’m perfectly happy being single most of the time but there’s some occasions where I think it might be nice to have a bit of companionship, someone to watch a movie with – because Arlo only ever wants to watch animated stuff like paw patrol and that gets a bit tedious for the best of us after a couple of episodes – never mind a whole year of lockdown.

What will dating look like in 2021?

I have various friends who love to play matchmaker and in the past have set me up on blind dates and have suggested speed dating. I could tell you some funny stories from my past but I’ll have to save those for another day.

Thinking about online dating

For the last few weeks I have been stuck at home and thinking about online dating….. I watched this documentary for research purposes as I haven’t done this since my early twenties and it’s changed quite a bit – my first worry is creating a profile picture – let’s face it, in today’s online dating world people swipe left… (or is it right?) based on a quick glance and so your first picture needs to be a good one, I found myself sitting at home and trying to find the best light to take a picture because let’s face it the way I look now doesn’t match my Facebook profile picture from 2015.

Dating as a single mum

Then there’s the dilemma of being a single mum…. does this put people off? How do I approach all the different tick boxes to set up my profile….. I’m always going to be 100% honest about myself, my appearance and my circumstances because that’s just me but then how do I decide what I’m looking for? How do I figure out who the catfish are?

Looking for the perfect man

Here I am thinking that the gingerbread man I just made is probably my ideal man….. he’s sweet and doesn’t answer back and you can’t bite their heads off if you get fed up of them – but honestly how do I know what kind of guy I want to date until I meet him? I’m a strong believer in human attraction being based on more than appearances… but at the same time if I reveal that I love watching crime thriller movies and have a penchant for playing poker I worry about the kind of person that will attract.

Asking friends for help

I’ve been sending my thoughts in to the girls group chat…. where all major life decisions are discussed as a collective and suddenly one of my friends revealed that their mum has been online dating with some great success…. so we had to schedule in a video call…. I mean who would have thought I’d be taking advice from a pensioner on how to find a date in 2021?!

Sharing experiences of online dating

Jean (not her real name) is a lively woman in her early sixties and her lovely daughter (one of my besties who will also remain anonymous) set up a profile for her at Lancashire Dating as she hadn’t been on a date in over a decade, and lockdown was getting tedious, repetitive and boring. Jean, her daughter and myself sat one evening at our laptops chatting to each other about the kinds of things gentlemen have sent to her in dm’s. I have to say it’s a long time since I ever laughed so much. In the end it was Jean who had to politely excuse herself from the conversation as she had scheduled in a call with a new friend.

Advice for online dating

Jean did have some fantastic advice. Oozing with a new found confidence after so many positive experiences with online dating she said the best thing you can possibly do is to be true to yourself, to also approach things with a sense of humour, not to take it all too seriously and interestingly to also not put all your eggs in to one basket…. she also said that if you like the look of someone’s profile then it’s okay to be the one to send the first message….. it’s the 21st century after all.

Single and ready to mingle

So here I am… Lavania, single mum, career woman and creative blogger from Birmingham ready for West Midlands dating. Let’s just hope that Boris opens the pubs by the time I have found someone I want to head out for a drink with! I’m going to get Christmas out of the way, and then toast in the new year by activating my online dating profile. If you have any tips, advice or stories please share in the comments.

Bring on 2021

Here we go again…

I can’t quite believe that we’re heading for another nationwide lockdown. It barely seems like five minutes since restrictions were lifted and we could head out to the zoo for Arlo’s birthday.

It’s safe to say that we have really made the most of the summer, following all of the rules with social distancing we have been to all of our favourite places including the safari park and Cadbury world to name but a few places.

We also managed to enjoy and celebrate almost all the family birthdays together which conveniently occur over the summer….. but the thought of Christmas without my niece, nephews and parents is just not something I want to dwell on. This time around I’m determined to stick to the lockdown again and hope that this virus disappears as quickly as it arrived in the first place.

For lockdown part one we had the good fortune of the sunshine to keep us happy. We were able to spend countless hours in the garden – I worked from home on the hottest days of the year with my feet in the paddling pool and my laptop perched on my knees. We dragged a table out to the garden and made alfresco dining an every day occurrence, and I didn’t long for the fun and frolics of a beer garden at all.

Now we’re facing thirty days indoors on the coldest and darkest days of the year. I would usually be planning Christmas activities and rushing between different indoor attractions at the weekend to spoil Arlo – I miss the theatre and the panto and even the dreaded soft play. The thought of not heading out to the Christmas markets or the light switch ons is horrible but I do not want to dwell on it.

Thirty days is a long time to make some changes. I’m sticking to my promise to myself which I made a couple of weeks ago and so before lockdown commences I’m heading to the hairdresser – I haven’t had my hair done this year and I deserve a treat! I’m also looking at thirty day fitness challenges. I’m going to try and do these every morning to pass the time and of course if I do then the results will be rewarding.

I’m also going to update my blog daily. It will be a mix of journaling (not that interesting if I don’t leave my house) and catching up with recording things we have done this year. I’m glad I haven’t gotten around to creating my lockdown 2020 memory box because I’m sure we can come up with a million more craft projects and activities too.

This time around I’m also going to try and avoid the news. Back in March I had the news channel on all day in the background watching the daily updates as the figures rose and new rules were invented on a daily basis. The stress this created was awful and all I used to do was chat to my friends about the latest figures and we would wind ourselves up with worry. My focus is on trying to remain positive.

What are your plans for lockdown part 2? If you want to join in or follow my thirty day challenges then follow us on Instagram and see how we get on!

30 Thirty Day Challenge Inspiration

I’ve already written a blog about my thoughts and feelings, and with two days to go until Lockdown part two I’m determined to make the most of it. Taking up new hobbies and trying countless craft projects really kept me going through the summer, but I think it’s going to be harder now the sunshine isn’t here. I have been browsing the internet for thirty day challenges and have collated some of my favourites …. thirty of them in fact! I’m not sure I’ll be able to stick to them all but on days when motivation is scarce hopefully these will give me some inspiration.

My top tip is to find a group of people – the girls WhatsApp chat, your Instagram mates, a Facebook group and take on one challenge and find the time to share your experiences and results with each other. You can get creative and share pics, or just talk about your experiences. Stay connected to other people and even though the days might merge together at least you will have something new to share.

First things first:

1. Mindfulness

I used to roll my eyes at this kind of thing but it really does help when you’re feeling stressed to just “pause”.

2. squats

this one sounds like it will be a killer but worth a go!

3. Abs

I quite like this one – looks like it would take half an hour so something I might squeeze in during my lunch break.

4. Photography

This photography challenge might help inspire some social media content.

5. Craft challenge

this one is great for all the creatives to get inspired – sometimes it’s hard to find your mojo but all it takes is a little prompt to get going in the morning.

6. Instagram stories

This one might help fellow bloggers with their story content, this is one way to really engage your audience and be different when every day seems like it’s on repeat.

7. Lego challenge

Love this – one to try with the kids maybe? Logan will love this and I think we will compete.

8. A blog writing challenge

For fellow bloggers looking for inspiration when stuck indoors. I love the idea of sorting a letter to my teenage self.

9. A drawing challenge

I love this idea – might have to get my sketch book out and have a go – trying out different media’s will make it even more fun.

10. A health challenge

This one seems like a simple one to try for overall health motivation…. it’s the little things which make a big difference.

11. A mental health challenge

This challenge has some great ideas, I find taking ten mins to set aside and focus on stuff like this outside of my usual routine really helps manage stress

12. A self care challenge

Let’s work on ourselves whilst we’re thinking about it too, we might have to be creative with some of the ideas but look after number one!

13. Play challenges

Play challenges are a personal favourite of mine. This one is a great one to follow on Instagram and can be started at any time, you don’t need to join in every day – follow the hashtag for inspiration.

14. A seasonal play challenge

This play challenge has lots of ideas to try out which fit November perfectly. With another hashtag to follow for some inspiration.

15. A make up challenge

Going to continue trying to make an effort with make up each morning (after my workouts of course) and see what I can come up with.

16. This is early bird workout seems like a good one for an all round session – if I can get it out of the way first thing my day will start as I mean to go on.

17. The gratitude challenge

Taking the time every day to think about things you’re grateful for seems like a good idea. This is one to dip in to when you feel “meh”

18. The taking the p**s challenge

This one also made me giggle – I think I can get the girls group chat to make this a topic for the day…. having a group of mates to vent to really helps so this is a reminder to stay connected and try to see the fun side of things.

19. A movie challenge

One for the movie fans to think about and share – I’m always asking for Netflix suggestions and these prompts might help find some old classics and fab new films to enjoy.

20 The Disney challenge

One here for the Disney fans – write about these, share pics or just watch the movies in the evening!

21. The music challenge

For the music fans this one for you – sing your heart out for five mins! Chat about your fave albums, watch live sets on YouTube and get those festival vibes flowing.

22. The crochet challenge

I did try my hand at crochet in summer so might challenge myself again now it’s cosy indoors….. it takes me a few days to get one thing made but I think I could manage a scarf.

23. Another fitness challenge

I’m back to the fitness ones now – this seems like a good back one to try out. I’m not really sure which areas I want to work on and it’s good to have a few options I suppose.

24. Arm challenge

This one for arms sounds like it would be tough but worth a shot – I think I can do this just before cooking dinner with tins of beans from the cupboards.

25. A spring clean challenge

This one is for the Hinch fans out there – worth doing before Christmas for sure – I don’t think I’ve ever washed my walls.

26. A baking challenge

For my fellow baking fans here’s a fab challenge to follow…. not every day if I’m trying the health stuff too but everyone deserves a treat now and again.

27. A de-clutter challenge

If you’re anything like me with stuff everywhere then this one might give a sense of achievement.

28. Personal growth challenge

I love this one – seems like one to create a positive outlook on life and help especially when working from home.

29. The positivity challenge

Be more positive – this might be the last thing I do every night just before falling asleep.

30. The nature challenge

I’ve been thinking about being stuck indoors but getting outside really is refreshing no matter the weather.

The pandemic stole my identity

Last Thursday evening I did the nursery pick up run, and I had a bit of a revelation. Like most people we have time slots for collection of our children and so I sat waiting in my car to avoid the rain and I picked up the phone and caught up on the group chat with some of my mum friends whilst waiting.

One of my friends had been on a day out with her newborn and toddler, and for the first time in ages had decided to put on some make up and had received some comments which weren’t “positive” for what of a better word. She looked fabulous by the way and felt fabulous too!

This got us all talking and I realised that I couldn’t remember the last time I actually wore make up and I looked at myself right then. I was wearing silver glitter pumps – they’re the easiest to slip on my feet and I’ve worn them pretty much every time I need to leave the house this year, Leopard print trousers which are super comfy but actually part of a pyjama set, a bright red vest, a purple scarf and a comfy oversized hoodie. My hair was in the easy peasy “mum bun.”

I looked in my rear view mirror and I could hardly recognise myself. Since when had I turned in to this?? I’m usually the over dressed glam mum and wouldn’t be seen dead without my red lipstick anywhere!!! Working from home for the best part of 2020 has been a total game changer. Life for us all has changed in so many ways and on paper it sounds lovely being able to stay at home all day, and not struggle with the daily commute and the rat race.

In reality it’s not quite as fantastic. I know that I’m fortunate to still have my job and that for many people there are far worse things happening but at the same time I wanted to acknowledge the impact the pandemic has had on my mental health. It’s a challenge to get motivated on some days and the work/life balance is up side down – I find myself looking at work emails at 10pm in the evening, and a quick task like emptying the washing machine on a sunny afternoon ends up distracting me for an hour during the working day.

On days where I have video calls I quickly scramble for a bit of make up when the fifteen minute alert pops up on my laptop screen to make an effort but that’s about it. I haven’t bought any new clothes this season and I certainly didn’t see the point in dressing up just to sit in my living room…. during lockdown part 1 there were some fun days to dress up and lots of video calls but the mood this time around just like the weather is all a bit dreary.

Last Thursday all of this changed for me and I made a pact with my mum friends to try and make more of an effort. I’m not exactly a make up expert or a fashionista but so far I am loving it – I bought myself an eye shadow palette at the beginning of summer in the sale (one of many random things the internet made me buy). I have been following youtube tutorials for autumnal coloured eye shadow looks. I washed and straightened my hair and I opened my wardrobe and sorted out all of my favourite dresses to prepare myself for this self inflicted challenge

It’s been five days so far and getting up every day has been fun. I have found myself again – I posted a picture on Instagram of my Saturday outfit – I took Arlo to a drive in cinema and met my mum who said it was lovely to see me in my dress for a change and she was honest enough to tell me that my old faithful jeans are less than flattering – so many people made kind comments about my “look” too. It made me realise that the most important person to make an effort for is me.

Getting up and dressed, putting make up on etc. It’s not for anyone else, it really is just for me. It’s a process which motivates me in the morning and gives me confidence. It’s part of a routine which had been lost for months and now it’s back I’m committed to sticking to it…. even if it’s only to sit in my living room. It’s very early days but I already feel more productive. With work, with my blog and with my DIY projects around the house. The familiarity of my make up bag and even the scent of my favourite perfume is comforting.

There’s a lot more to come now that I’ve found my mojo. I’m hoping to pick up my pandemic journal from where we left off and determined to not let the virus write off the rest of my year, not every day is wonderful but I found this quote and I love it

“Lipstick can’t solve all problems, but it’s a pretty great start. Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world. Just have fun. Smile.”

The Rainbow Trail

A little project we have been working on recently is to give something back to our local community. I have been using all sorts of inspirational quotes as captions on our Instagram page and I also recently designed a rainbow t shirt for Arlo.

You might have also read some of our scavenger hunt activities which have been going down a treat during lockdown – keeping us very busy.

So here we have our new Rainbow Trail – I have taken some quotes from our favourite films and laminated them with a rainbow. Over the next few weeks we will be hiding these in places we visit on our daily exercise.

We are now allowed to travel further afield for our daily walks and so we will be blogging about our favourite outdoor places to visit now that our amazing adventures can recommence and so if you happen to find a rainbow with our Instagram tag then please do get in touch.

This page will be updated as we hide more rainbows.

Toilet Roll Airplane Craft

Our little spitfires were made during our busy VE Day celebrations, using toilet rolls and a bit of scrap cardboard.

You will need:

  • One loo roll
  • Cardboard
  • Paper fastener
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors or scalpel
  • Paint

First things first you need to cut your wing, propellor and fail shapes out of some scrap card. I used a template to do this.

Then score some horizontal lines in to your roll to slot the wings and tail in. I checked everything fit together at this stage, the marked the spot for the tail piece to slot in vertically before making another small cut.

I used a paper fastener to secure the propellor to the circular piece of card and then used masking tape to attach this circle piece to the loo roll, making sure that everything rotated well.

I gave Arlo all the pieces and a selection of green and brown colour paints to go wild. He really nailed the camouflage print without me even helping!

We went off out for a walk leaving everything to dry before coming home to assemble all the bits.

It’s as simple as that! Here’s a little 15 second video tutorial:

Chase the Rainbow

The Rainbow trail facebook page was set up in early March in response to the news regarding the Corona Virus Pandemic. It’s a simple concept – display a rainbow in your window for passers by.

Rainbows are a symbol of positivity, hope and togetherness and have quickly become a viral phenomenon. In a strange time where we are unable to speak or communicate with others, we can still make our neighbours smile and also give the kids something to do.

When you ask Arlo his favourite colour he often says “rainbows” and so we of course had to get involved. My mum used paint pens to create a glorious rainbow of flowers across the whole kitchen window. We live on a corner and so it’s on full view for everyone passing on their way to the local shop, and key workers heading to the bus stop every morning.

I shared pictures of our rainbow in the Facebook group and was contacted by a BBC journalist who also featured our picture in a news article – here’s the link

Here’s a fun fact for you – our home used to be home to monks, and serve as a local community centre, many of our neighbours recall coming in to the house when it was “The Society of St Francis” and so we always make an effort to decorate our windows for celebrations, people share with us their most treasured memories from meeting Santa in what is now our front room, when they see the twinkle of our Christmas tree lights, and when we had a recent delivery of a new oven, the gas fitter let us know he remembered playing hide and seek in our hedges during youth club.

On our daily exercise it has been wonderful to see so many rainbows – from had painted stones in the local park, to crochet hangings in trees and beautiful childrens drawings in windows.

We have also been working on lots of rainbow inspired designs for clothing too and Arlo is very appreciative

Day 14

I skipped a few days of writing and so much has happened that I do not know where to begin. This evening it was announced that our Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently in Intensive Care. I’m not sure if the news is being typically British and playing the situation down, or if his condition is serious but it’s certainly scary and shows that this virus knows no bounds.

It’s the early hours of Tuesday morning and I can’t sleep so thought I’d use my time constructively to write my blog, and focus on something else for a short while to take my mind off the constant awfully news updates.

We have been finding things to do all week to keep ourselves busy. It’s not easy to keep a two year old constantly occupied but I do my best. Being allowed out once a day for exercise is a lifeline right now, and this final freedom is under threat after the sunny weekend just gone demonstrated that people still want to flout the rules with regards to social distancing.

I’m feeling incredibly grateful to have such a wonderful garden, my dad works hard to make this space wonderful, and has created a lovely corner for Arlo and his array of toys, including his mud kitchen. It’s it as a messy play station and it keeps everything under some sort of control (or at least I tell myself this). Arlo has taken to “helping” with all of the tasks around the house – including watering the plants and baking cakes. This one to one time he is getting with his grandparents is something which money can’t buy.

A lifetime of skills and knowledge is being shared and Arlo is absorbing it all. I hope that he looks back at this time and only has positive memories. One recurring issue cropping up on social media seems to be the parenting top trumps game. With so much angst with regards to the virus people seem to be putting their negative energy in to criticising others and there’s a huge amount of this directed for parents who do spend time doing craft activities and home schooling.

Unbelievable. If I didn’t have anything to do I think I would sit and watch the news all day and bite my nails down to the quick with the anxiety inducing news reports from hospital intensive care units. Instead, I browse Pinterest and rummage around in cupboards to find materials which we can use to make ‘stuff’ – I’ve even taken up crochet to keep my hands busy and learn from my mum too. I thought I’d share some of our activities from the weekend and a bit of the story behind each picture – this is my kind of perfect!

On Friday evening we toasted marshmallows together in the garden as the week drew to a close, and then when Arlo finally decided to sleep I had planned to print off and laminate dozens of Easter themed worksheets to play with over the weekend. I ended up falling asleep early and so I ended up printing a few sheets off on Saturday morning after Arlo had already been up and causing havoc around the house for an hour.

I found some tissue paper, and decided to use this and some PVA glue instead of his usual crayons to colour in the dinosaur eggs (Arlo was insistent that they were not Easter eggs). He was in a particularly obstinate mood and didn’t want to do any glueing and sticking because he was fascinated with the scissors, and so I decided to trust him a little and let him enjoy cutting the squares and I cracked on with the PVA glue. Whilst our toast was getting cold I was taking orders from a two year old with regards to which colour plastic spatula was most appropriate for me to be using.

We moved swiftly on to baking….. leaving all the craft materials on the table and moving to the kitchen work surface. I had received some products to test out from The Skinny Food Co, and so we set to work baking together and I instantly regret putting Arlo in new clothes for the day…. it’s almost impossible to try and take pictures, bake, tidy up and keep a toddler amused at the same time but somehow we pulled it off. He was covered head to toe in chocolate but it all seemed worth it for the delicious bakes which were ready just in time for our elevensies.

By noon on Saturday it was time for out daily exercise, I didn’t really want to set up another activity to have to tidy up around the house and so off out we went….. and of course Arlo decided he wanted to walk in the stream….. yes this is a lovely picture but it doesn’t tell you that it was a fun rescue mission when the water became too deep for his wellies and we didn’t quite think about how he would climb back up the bank further down…. nor how there were stinging nettles there too! It’s lucky that I still pack a rucksack with spare everything and knew vaguely what a dock leaf looks like!

The rest of Saturday came and went, we watched a Disney movie before an early night for Arlo and so I did a little bit of preparation – on Sunday morning I made sure I was up before Arlo and had an amazing Jurassic Park themed tuff tray set up in the garden. I had made slime, poured compost, gathered leaves and twigs and set up his best twenty dinosaurs perfectly. I was really excited about this but Arlo was dismayed to see all of his favourite dinosaurs covered in slime.

He was not impressed at all and so I quickly improvised and created a “dinosaur spa” using another tub and Arlo spent a good hour rescuing and washing his dinosaurs in warm water and bubbles – this wasn’t my intended activity but he was occupied and using lots of toddler energy and so this was a success in my eyes. I’m going to set up a car wash next week and he can clean his own toys in the back garden.

Grandad was pottering around in the front garden for most of Sunday morning, building a new archway and so after a quick outfit change because he was soaking wet Arlo decided that he needed to go and find out what was going on and see if he could help out – spending the next hour unorganising all of the bits and pieces of the frame and borrowing the real tools, whilst grandad tried to demonstrate how Arlo could use the toy ones.

After this it seemed like a really good idea to go back to playing with water. So buckets were filled with soapy water, sponges and a chamois leather were found, and within five minutes Arlo was soaked from head to toe and decided that actually he wanted to go and ride his bike in the park.

It’s lucky we aren’t going to be driving anywhere because the poor car windscreen didn’t even get a rinse! After a quick whizz around the park on his bike Arlo finally graced us all with the pleasure of an afternoon snooze. With the sun still shining, by the time we all woke up an both later grandad had set up a production line for planting seeds in the garden.

Arlo has an awesome little Gardening set and so many fabulous seeds to choose from….. But his attention drifted to the more important task of drawing on the seed tray markers. So whilst all three adults were busy getting their hands dirty with compost, Arlo was enjoying having free reign with a sharpie.

Not one single activity went the way I planned for it to go over the weekend, but that’s the whole point of me writing all about it in this blog. Nothing ever does go to plan, life is about adapting to whatever curve balls come your way, and to let the children take the lead. Playing is so important, it’s not just about having fun but about learning to develop life skills, being creative, using your imagination and forming your own opinions too.

There’s a lot more to life than the one or two pictures you might see on Instagram. Just like there’s a lot more to each sensationalised headline being shared in the media about this virus.

This Friday please join me in lighting a candle at home to pause for a much needed moment of quiet reflection. 5373 people who have had the virus have sadly died. These numbers are set to increase further risk week.

Day Seven and eight

Wow. We have made it a whole week and I can’t quite believe it. It’s now a common occurrence in this household for Arlo to slip out of bed as soon as he hears that Grandma is up and about for their jam and toast breakfast date.

One positive out of all this is time. All those times I’ve resented having to rush out in the morning to get to nursery before hitting rush hour traffic en route to work are a distant memory. I used to pack so many things in to our weekends just to make sure I was creating valuable memories for Arlo.

So this Sunday we did jigsaws over the two course breakfast with the toast followed with a huge fruit salad, before come commencing with some Easter inspired painting and craft activities before re-locating to the play room where Arlo invented his own little game.

He asked me where a small fish lived and I responded “in the water” – and then he placed the fish onto his little wooden “small world” pond. After this he decided to empty the entire bag of over one hundred schleich animal figurines and rummaged around for other fish and water animals.

After this he found some elephants who didn’t live in the water and so I quickly had to find his green wooden shapes to be the grass, then subsequently sketch a quick tree on to a sheet of craft paper for his squirrel and bugs and then find some brown felt because his pigs needed mud.

He was happy sorting out his animals for quite a while in to different environments and then doing some role play with them too, so I prepared an early tapas style lunch before his dad arrived to take Arlo out for some fresh air on his bike.

On sunday afternoon we enjoyed some of grandma’s freshly baked scones and a nice Sunday roast and eventually had an early bed time.

I purposely avoided the news on Sunday, and kept myself busy looking through Pinterest and Instagram to find new ideas. I did a spot of online shopping, ordering some craft supplies and garden toys for Arlo to keep him occupied.

Monday was another bright and early start. I went to the supermarket very early, just as Arlo was leaving for the day with his dad. This arrangement is fortunate for us right now, I can get on with working from home whilst Lee is furloughed and has the free time.

The local high street was eerily deserted on Monday, no queues to enter the car park, no queues to get in to the shop or even at the checkout and the shopping restrictions have eased – you can now get more than 2/3 of an item because the panic buying has stopped, I managed to get everything we needed before heading home to log in to the laptop.

Arlo bounded through the door on Monday evening full of energy (no surprises there). I sat him down quickly with some little wooden rabbits and a little palette of carefully selected colours. My top tip when painting with kids of to give them 2/3 colours which work nicely together – otherwise you will inevitably end up with brown!

Grandad was outside clearing the patio which was intriguing to Arlo and so he slipped away from the table, put his wellies on and went outside to ‘help’ – despite the rain! That reminded me of some bulbs and seeds I had bought for Arlo, (which we have saved for another day).

After dinner we all sat together in the living room, browsing through old magazines and talking about previous craft projects, I did some paper crafting and Mum decided to get out her crochet and show me how it’s done, so before I knew it, three hours had passed and it was bed time. I think these kind of hobbies are going to be very useful at this time because the hours just drift away.

We were concerned to see two ambulances arrive at a neighbours house on Monday evening, with the paramedics taking every precaution with full protective equipment being worn. The blue lights flashed silently for over an hour, a stark reminder that despite enjoying a relative few days of blissful ignorance indoors, that we are in the middle of a crisis.

The current UK figures suggest that 1408 people have passed away as a result of Corona Virus, however the press reports that these figures are likely to be inaccurate because this only relates to people who have died within a hospital and not those who have died in their own homes or care home settings. The office for national statistics will be releasing a report tomorrow which I am sure will contain alarming figures.