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Messy Play – spaghetti

I often use spaghetti for messy play. It’s great to add texture. I always felt safer using edible foodstuffs when Arlo was tiny because everything would always end up in his mouth. You will need: Spaghetti Food colouring Vinegar Olive oil I’ve tried various different methods and this is the one which works best for me. Boil and drain off the pasta as normal, before… Read More »Messy Play – spaghetti

Experimental Rainbows

I decided to try out a little science experiment with Arlo after seeing the idea float around Pinterest and this captured his attention for an hour – a parenting win! You will need: Food colouring Bicarbonate of soda Vinegar Baking tray Pipettes To prepare all you need to do is add a few drops of colouring to each section of the baking tray and then… Read More »Experimental Rainbows

Bubble Socks

You will need: An old bottle Scissors Sock Hair tie or elastic band Washing up bowl Fairy liquid I saw a viral video from The Dad Lab on Facebook and thought this was worth a go….. Arlo was getting under our feet very early one morning and so I set him up with this and to my surprise it actually worked really well. All you… Read More »Bubble Socks

Washing up

It seems crazy to add this in as an activity but trust me on this one….. add bubbles to a plastic bowl in the garden and children seem to suddenly want to complete chores. You will need: Washing up bowl Washing up liquid Sponge Cloths Brushes After my messy dinosaur themed tuff tray Arlo was very disappointed that his dinosaurs were covered in slime and… Read More »Washing up

Water Play

I’m trying to resist the urge to put up our swimming pool and have the novelty wear off or the sides burst before the really hot weather arrives. Playing with water outside is a really simple concept. Use whatever you have lying around the house. For example here Arlo is using a set of stacking cups which he has had since he was about six… Read More »Water Play

Planting seeds

We have been spending a huge amount of time in the garden. Grandad is obsessed with his lawn and has lots of random bits and bobs lying around, and naturally Arlo likes to follow him as he potters around. To include Arlo we bought a children’s gardening set from amazon but this isn’t essential. You will need: Seeds Compost Pots (recycled yoghurt pots are great)… Read More »Planting seeds

Easter Eggstravaganza

We love to celebrate in our family… any excuse for a gathering and we will all get together and start planning the food. Easter is quickly becoming as commercial as Christmas, and I don’t see this as a bad thing. We aren’t religious as a family but having been bought up in a multi cultural city I think it’s important to acknowledge all cultures, (we… Read More »Easter Eggstravaganza

Organised Chaos at Kidtropolis

I don’t know what I was thinking yesterday but I decided to take Arlo and two of his cousins to “Kidtropolis” on my own – and what in theory should have been a fabulous day out almost turned into a disaster. Before we even entered the event they were all playing chase in the queue, Literally a minute after I took this picture Arlo knocked… Read More »Organised Chaos at Kidtropolis

Magic mess free painting

I can’t remember where I first saw this idea – probably a Pinterest board or another mum blog but it’s certainly one worth sharing! We love mark making – I used to be happy with paint when we had laminate flooring and Arlo didn’t move quite so fast but with cream carpets and my little Usain Bolt on the loose this is the next best… Read More »Magic mess free painting