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Plant printing in clay with toddlers

There’s somewhat of a debate when it comes to making beautiful “keepsakes” with toddlers versus letting them experiment and play with mark making. For once I’m firmly on the fence with this. Of course if you have been following us for a while you will know I’m happy to let Arlo run wild and participate in mess making activities with no end game in sight,… Read More »Plant printing in clay with toddlers

How to dye chickpeas for messy play.

I often use rice and chick peas for indoor play activities. They provide the sensory fun element of play but as dry ingredients the clean up process isn’t as daunting as it is with slime. Here is how to die chick peas for messy play.  You will need: Chick peas Poster paint Vinegar A pint glass Sandwich bags My process for dying the peas is… Read More »How to dye chickpeas for messy play.

Painting outdoors with toddlers

Arlo absolutely loves painting, and playing with colours. He hasn’t stopped talking about the snow painting activity we did and every morning he looks out of the window checking for snow. We do of course get our messy play materials out indoors but there’s nothing better than having a giant canvas outdoors. Unfortunately the snow has all gone, but I had an idea and thought… Read More »Painting outdoors with toddlers

A snow dough tinker tray

Continuing on with our winter themed activities I have made a batch of snow dough, Thai is slightly different to our usual play dough recipe and has a texture which is a bit like kinetic sand. I added glitter and provided Arlo with a tinker tray and invited him to build snowmen with me. You will need: One cup of oil Two cups of cornflour… Read More »A snow dough tinker tray

Reading Eggs – App Review

This blog contains a review of an app which I was granted free access to. Follow this link to get 30 days access free to try it yourself I have begun to introduce Arlo to limited interactive technology during this lockdown as part of our home schooling activities, because let’s face it we can’t have PVA glue and poster paint out 24/7. Reading eggs came… Read More »Reading Eggs – App Review

Nature painting tuff tray

A really simple painting invitation to play. You will need: Paper plates Brushes Paint Collected materials – pinecones and leaves etc. We have been collecting all sorts of random bits and bobs on our nature walks, from pebbles, to pinecones and leaves because Arlo takes his scavenger hunting very seriously. So finally putting all of the bits and bobs to good use I covered Arlo’s… Read More »Nature painting tuff tray

Jam jar candle holders

This is a really simple but effective way to brighten up a garden on summer nights. You will need: Jam jars Tissue paper PVA glue Water This really is a simple craft, preparation is key. Make sure your jam jar is thoroughly clean and free of label gunk, and get your tissue paper cut in to small squares. We used animal print tissue papers we… Read More »Jam jar candle holders

Toilet roll Peacock activity

This is a really simple craft activity which will be enjoyed by kids of all ages. You will need: Toilet roll Paper plate cut in half Paint PVA glue Bits and bobs Googly eyes Small yellow felt or card for a beak When I say bits and bobs, you can use pretty much anything you have in the craft cupboard. We were going for a… Read More »Toilet roll Peacock activity

The Rainbow Trail

A little project we have been working on recently is to give something back to our local community. I have been using all sorts of inspirational quotes as captions on our Instagram page and I also recently designed a rainbow t shirt for Arlo. You might have also read some of our scavenger hunt activities which have been going down a treat during lockdown –… Read More »The Rainbow Trail

Paper craft birds

These lovely little birds were made out of spare scrap book paper – we usually make these as a Christmas craft but as we have a lot of time to spare then we thought we’d try these one rainy day. You will need: Cardboard Scrap booking paper (double sided pattern) Craft paper Scissors Bird template Pencil First things first begin by creating your bird stencil… Read More »Paper craft birds