Pine cone star craft project

Our twig christmas tree project was a hit, and I love the hygge interior style – but you know me I love a bit of sparkle. After using gold leaf in previous projects I just had to see how it would turn out on pine cones too – one more easy Christmas craft to add to the ever growing collection

You will need:

  • Five pine cones of a similar size
  • PVA glue
  • Gold leaf
  • UHU glue
  • Twine
  • Cotton buds
  • Soft paint brush

The process for this is super simple. I chose to use all the scraps of gold leaf I had fro previous projects. Applying PVA glue to the ends of each piece and then rolling the cones around in the gold until it all adhered.

I did need to use more gold leaf as I had a lot of cones which I’m going to be using for Christmas decoration pieces. I ended up wrapping sheets around them and loved how messy it all got.

I left these to dry overnight in a warm place and then simply used a soft paint brush to clear away the sheets and reveal the sparkly cones before choosing my best five.

Then it’s simply a case of applying glue and holding each piece together until they stick. On reflection my hot glue gun would have been quicker.

I used twine to wrap around my star and then hang it from the nail which my twig Christmas tree hangs from. I fiddled with the fairy lights to make sure it glowed and then sat back listening to Mariah Carey and enjoying my work.

I have lots of other Christmas crafts for kids for you to explore on my blog – let us know if you try any of these out!

Making a twig Christmas tree

This is such a simple idea but it’s just stunning. I know it’s not even half way through November but this project is stylish enough to not scream “Santa I know him”

The best thing about this is that you’re going to have to head out to the woods to get what you need….. and here’s a hint…. grab some pinecones whilst you’re there for my next easy Christmas craft for you to try along with us.

You will need:

  • A selection of twigs in various sizes.
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Fairy lights

First things first take your twigs and sort them in to size order – largest to smallest.

Once you have done this take a ball of twine and start at the bottom, or largest branch. You want to place your first strings closer together then the size of your smallest branch.

Wrap the twine around your branch once and tie a double knot. Then loop your twine around the branch once each side of your thread and tie it off again in a double knot.

This video demonstrates the knot….. it’s important to get this right because the overall weight is quite a lot and you want it to be secure.

Repeat this process up one side of your branch and then start on the second side with a second piece of twine. Pull your branches apart so the first string is taught to make them “straight” – but a little bit wonky is fine for this project.

Once you have everything fastened together tie a second piece of twine to the uppermost branch and then hang your construction from a nail in a wall. Make some adjustments here by fiddling with your knots before adding fairy lights to complete the hygge style Christmas look.

Here’s our finished hygge style twig Christmas tree. I love it and adding a star made from more items we found in the woods was just the icing on top! Check out our gold pine cone star project