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Pine cone star craft project

Our twig christmas tree project was a hit, and I love the hygge interior style – but you know me I love a bit of sparkle. After using gold leaf in previous projects I just had to see how it would turn out on pine cones too – one more easy Christmas craft to add to the ever growing collection You will need: Five pine… Read More »Pine cone star craft project

Making a twig Christmas tree

This is such a simple idea but it’s just stunning. I know it’s not even half way through November but this project is stylish enough to not scream “Santa I know him” The best thing about this is that you’re going to have to head out to the woods to get what you need….. and here’s a hint…. grab some pinecones whilst you’re there for… Read More »Making a twig Christmas tree

Halloween toilet roll crafts

If you’re anything like me then you will have a bag full of loo roll tubes and all sorts of cardboard which is a handy rainy day stash. They certainly came in handy for our mammoth Halloween craft session! You will need: Loo roll tubes Paper plates PVA glue Googly eyes Paint Brushes and spreaders Scissors Plus your Craft supplies – tissue, pom-poms, sequins and… Read More »Halloween toilet roll crafts

Spooky Skeleton Mobile

This little collection of funny bones was surprisingly simple to put together and is by far my favourite home made Halloween decoration. I’ve just wrapped it carefully in tissue paper so we can save it and bring it out next year. You will need: Gingerbread man cookie cutters Air dry clay Rolling pin Wooden Skewer Baking paper Black paint Silver and red acrylic paint pens… Read More »Spooky Skeleton Mobile

Paper craft birds

These lovely little birds were made out of spare scrap book paper – we usually make these as a Christmas craft but as we have a lot of time to spare then we thought we’d try these one rainy day. You will need: Cardboard Scrap booking paper (double sided pattern) Craft paper Scissors Bird template Pencil First things first begin by creating your bird stencil… Read More »Paper craft birds

DIY Bird feeder craft

This was a really simple Sunday afternoon activity, as part of our bird themed activities it only seemed right to make something to hang in our garden for the little robin who visits every day. You will need: Cardboard Peanut butter Bird seed Hole punch Twine I chose to use our wooden shapes as stencils to draw around and then cut out – but you… Read More »DIY Bird feeder craft

Toilet Roll Airplane Craft

Our little spitfires were made during our busy VE Day celebrations, using toilet rolls and a bit of scrap cardboard. You will need: One loo roll Cardboard Paper fastener Masking tape Scissors or scalpel Paint First things first you need to cut your wing, propellor and fail shapes out of some scrap card. I used a template to do this. Then score some horizontal lines… Read More »Toilet Roll Airplane Craft

Re – Useable (not paper) chains

Paper chains are the perfect decoration for any occasion but they never last long, especially outdoors. So here’s a new way to make them. You will need: A4 Felt sheets Velcro dots Scissors Marker Ruler This really is as simple as it sounds. Lay the felt landscape and use the ruler to draw lines about an inch apart and then cut your felt in to… Read More »Re – Useable (not paper) chains

Salt Dough Solar System

Go big or go home is how the saying goes…. so when I decided to whip up some salt dough for Arlo we had to make the entire solar system. It’s not quite as challenging or daunting as you might imagine – all the pieces are circular shaped! We love salt dough and to make sure our pieces get to have a decent display time… Read More »Salt Dough Solar System

Floral Sun Catchers

We are still playing with collected flowers from our daily exercise (and also from the garden). Arlo loves the colours and the smell and is starting to recognise specific flowers and learn their names. For this activity you will need: Laminator Laminated flowers Scissors Collected flowers Hole punch Scissors Circular template We collected flowers for this in our own garden one evening – grandad has… Read More »Floral Sun Catchers