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Nature printing Tuff Tray

After the success of our previous nature themed tuff tray I decided to set this one up again. Last time I covered the whole tray in brown paper but we didn’t end up using it to full effect, but I’m glad I provided some sheets of craft paper alongside paints squeezed in to paper plates and some bamboo sticks, pine cones and straw. As you… Read More »Nature printing Tuff Tray

Beautiful Butterflies

We are working on crafts inspired by the classic Eric Carle book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” whilst also watching our insect lore caterpillars grow, so craft projects such as this help to reinforce the life cycle of a butterfly learnings and help with other important eyfs skills. You will need: A4 Card stock (not paper). Paints Brushes Scissors This is a super simple activity and… Read More »Beautiful Butterflies

Chase the Rainbow

The Rainbow trail facebook page was set up in early March in response to the news regarding the Corona Virus Pandemic. It’s a simple concept – display a rainbow in your window for passers by. Rainbows are a symbol of positivity, hope and togetherness and have quickly become a viral phenomenon. In a strange time where we are unable to speak or communicate with others,… Read More »Chase the Rainbow

Salt Painting

You will need: Salt PVA glue Printable worksheets Watercolour paints (home bargains) I chose to print some colouring pages from twinkl to fit our caterpillar theme because our Insect Lore Caterpillars arrived this week. This is a really simple idea and creates lovely image effects. STEP ONE: Paint a background colour with your water colours and then apply PVA glue generously. STEP TWO Sprinkle salt… Read More »Salt Painting

Wood Painting

We love doing this because the finished items are small and beautiful, we’re running out of display space for our masterpieces on paper but can always find space for little wooden shapes which have play value too. You will need: Newspaper Paint palette (a plate will do) Brushes Wooden blanks Paints Mum Tip – To avoid the inevitable toddler brown splodges only provide colours from… Read More »Wood Painting

Magic mess free painting

I can’t remember where I first saw this idea – probably a Pinterest board or another mum blog but it’s certainly one worth sharing! We love mark making – I used to be happy with paint when we had laminate flooring and Arlo didn’t move quite so fast but with cream carpets and my little Usain Bolt on the loose this is the next best… Read More »Magic mess free painting

Creating a masterpiece

I thought I’d share a quick “how to” – this is such a simple idea, and if you get a couple of the steps right you can create something to treasure forever. First things first – head to The works for your materials. You don’t need to spend huge amounts on things for arts and crafts, and their basic canvases come in all shapes and… Read More »Creating a masterpiece