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Chase the rainbow Scavenger hunt

    Chase the rainbow Scavenger hunt

    This is another super simple scavenger hunt, printed from the amazing Twinkle

    Arlo really enjoyed hunting for bugs the first time we tried this on our daily exercise. I don’t have many bugs indoors but our home is full of random little objects so I needed a new idea.

    Scavenger hunts help develop observational skills and build problem solving skills too. Along side looking for objects this is helping reinforce his knowledge of colours.

    This time I laminated the colours work sheet to tick off and then I also created a treasure box – using an old egg carton – dabbing the colours in to the compartments so that any found objects could be saved and then discussed.

    We have used this at home with random bits and bobs including buttons and Lego pieces, and also in the garden with flower petals which then inspired another variation to this simple idea.

    Arlo always says that his favourite colour is “rainbows” and so we are going to use our daily exercise to chase rainbows and our task is to find something in every colour to bring home.

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