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Paw Patrol are on a roll – toy review and giveaway

Paw patrol count with Marshall

Arlo has been obsessed with Ryder and the paw patrollers for such a long time that it feels like we have every single toy car and puppy that has ever existed. They’re our most reached for toys yet somehow on every birthday and Christmas wish list they’re always right there at the top. I was so excited to receive a little bundle of educational Paw Patrol toys and of course Arlo recognised the logo and branding immediately so was keen to tear in to the packaging.

This is an excited face – I promise!

You will know from our Instagram that we create all manner of fun activities from car wash tuff trays to sand pit construction sites and beyond, all with an educational purpose and now Arlo has turned four and started school we have begun with the phonics and numbers in earnest. He wants to count and point out letters on everything from car number plates to cereal box packaging and beyond so this Paw Patrol count with Marshall toy set is ideal. Available from Amazon at £20.99 this set includes ten numbered coins each featuring a character – including Chickoletta!

Count with Marshall coins

This toy has two modes – you can choose colours or numbers and Marshall asks you to feed him a coin of his choosing and showers you with praise when you choose the right coin. This toy is battery powered and hurrah…. The batteries are included so this is a toy which can be played with as soon as it is unwrapped.

The reverse of Count with Marshall with storage and mode switches

The modes are easily selected using a switch and my favourite feature is the little storage space in the back of this toy which has just enough space to store each of the ten coins away safely. I have noticed Arlo has reached for this toy independently and not only does he enjoy the counting activities, but he’s invented his own play and pretends that Marshall is a shop keeper and that he is paying with coins as he is very interested in cash transactions at the moment. One good thing about Paw Patrol is that all the episodes seem to include positive tales which involve communities and team work which is great for inspiring imaginary play at home.

The Paw Patrol Smart Phone

PAW Patrol Smart Phone (SRP £11.49) Available from Amazon

You can use this Paw Patrol Smart Phone to call Ryder and the Pups – and to learn about colours, numbers and much more. There are four activities to explore, call up 10 different characters and say “Hi” by pressing each of the buttons.

There’s lots of interactive fun developing memory, concentration and communication, Arlo knows exactly which buttons to press to hear the voices of his favourite characters and corrects me when I tease him and get them all mixed up.

Like the Count with Marshall toy, this also supports colour and number recognition and focuses his attention. This is the kind of toy you can give a toddler to hold and play with in a supermarket trolley or whilst waiting for food in a restaurant. It encourages little ones to follow instructions and Helps hand-eye coordination with simple instructive tasks and again inspires imaginative play – Arlo pretends that he’s getting a call from Ryder and then rushes off around the house to find the characters and gather them to solve a typical Adventure Bay problem.

PAW Patrol Ryder’s Alphabet Tablet – available from Amazon £18.99

I am delighted to be able to also share with you the opportunity to win Paw Patrol Ryders Alphabet Tablet as part of my festive giveaway – tap the image below to win.

Tap this picture to enter the free giveaway. T&C’s apply click here for more info. Giveaway closes on 5th December

Ryder lights up and asks the child to find a letter, or an object, or to identify the first letter of a particular word. This develops skills like letter and early word recognition, listening and understanding, plus responding to questions.

• Encourages learning about letters, phonetic sounds and words

• Touch-sensitive screen makes exploration fun and easy to follow

• Helps with early recognition of the alphabet and spelling out simple words based on everyday objects and characters from PAW Patrol adventures

• Builds communication skills and encourages hand-eye co-ordination

Paw Patrol is on a roll

Toys provided by Trends U.K. for the purposes of review and the giveaway

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