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Ook book and app review

#gifted via the @officialemmasdiary #parentsquad – we were kindly offered the opportunity to review the @ookshq personalised story books. I shared an Instagram post as requested but I have so much to say (no surprises there) that I thought I’d write a blog post all about our Ook Book too.

Last week I downloaded the app via the App Store which was a simple process – I chose to explore it myself before sharing with Arlo. I was pleasantly surprised at how child friendly and simple it is to navigate, and found the concept to be entirely bonkers which Arlo went crazy for.

We created our little avatar or “ook” character and then took him on a little adventure – I don’t quite understand how we ended up going from a restaurant to a doctors surgery via a volcano however based on the choices Arlo made as we used the app our story was written. We also had to do some drawing challenges whilst using the app too.

Once we completed our adventure within the app I was invited to add a parental pin code to order our book which I think is a fab little added feature for security to prevent any unexpected purchases.

A couple of days later our book arrived via the post and I let Arlo open it up – check out his response in the video!

To be quite honest I was expecting a generic story with the main characters name replaced with his name however both Arlo and I were amazed to find that the entire book was based on our in app activity and so it was entirely personal to us…. including the drawings he had created too! He sat flicking through the pages because he couldn’t quite believe that the app had been bought to life and then we went back to the beginning to explore each page more closely.

He remembered things like the volcano and the belly button fluff he had chosen as the meal in the restaurant – I’m sure there were some more appetising options but I let him choose the whole way through and that’s what he went for!

The book itself is a paper backed book with lots of pages and printed to the highest quality which is was unexpected based on the speed it arrived.

The illustrations are detailed and colourful with plenty of talking points to engage Arlo – lots of small details in the backgrounds of pictures and opportunities to discuss colours, shapes, animals, foods and also count – which is something I look for in books at this stage – his “ook” has already become a book shelf favourite.

I can highly recommend this new immersive experience – it’s entirely unique and another fabulous way to introduce technology to children in an educational way whilst still reinforcing the value of books which is very important to our family.

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