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Newborn Photoshoot.

This is one of those things as a new parent you feel obliged to do because everyone else does it….. but also hate the idea of parting with so much cash. I decided to find my own local photographer rather than go for one of the hospital shoots. I had a very clear idea of the costs involved and also of the style of the photographer and we visited when Arlo was just under a week old.

By this time I felt like I had figured the parenting thing out and was quite happy for him to be handled by our photographer. I remember this was literally in the middle of a heatwave and the studio was kept warm for the babies comfort – we were there for just over two hours and Arlo slept through most of it, only really waking up for a feed and then for the last shot with his eyes wide open.

I ended up buying a complete digital package, and am so pleased I have captured all of these memories and am able to revisit them, these three shots in particular are “so Arlo” and I love sharing them.

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