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Me time

In response to my “what issues do you face as a mother in 2020?” question a friend of mine on Instagram shared:

“I feel as though I am shamed or looked down upon for wanting ‘me’ time”

I felt it was appropriate to share this immediately (anonymously) to open up the opportunity for women to share their feelings, experiences and advice and I have decided to share some of the responses here:

Everyone deserves some me time. Make sure you look after yourself

Your mental well-being matters. You need to look after yourself as well as you look after your kids ❤️

Everyone needs time/space. As long as your kids are safe and happy there’s no issues

Everyone needs some me time and it doesn’t make you a bad mum for accepting some help

Don’t listen to it… you need you time…. never lose sight of the person you are 💕

Ignore them. You time is important for you and the children!

Being a mam is it’s own job. You wouldn’t work with no breaks! You deserve and need them – XO

To be the best mum you can be you need to be the best YOU you can be. Everyone needs a break

Go for two nights and cut the judge Judys out!

So there we have it. The overwhelming response to this was one of positive support from other mums. I think we all understand and recognise how important it is to be able to recharge the batteries and also maintain a sense of personal identity.

I’m trying to think about what I like to do when I have some ‘me’ time and I have to admit there’s nothing better than being able to have a long soak in the bath, and then wash and blow dry my hair without interruption. I need to get myself out more!

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