Easy Play Activities for toddlers

I’ve been sharing some pictures of our activities on our instagram page but I can’t possibly fit in all of the details on to a grid post so here’s where I’ll be writing about all of the stuff we get up to and hopefully there’s a few ideas for you to try out at home.

Most of these things will hopefully utilise materials that you already have lying around the house, or will be able to adapt quite easily. I’ve added information and links to places which are still open for online orders at the time of writing.

I’m featured in Twinkl’s Fun Outdoor Activities for Children blog, where you can see other brilliant ideas to keep your children entertained throughout the summer!”

Plant printing in clay with toddlers

There’s somewhat of a debate when it comes to making beautiful “keepsakes” with toddlers versus letting them experiment and play with mark making. For once I’m firmly on the fence with this. Of course if you have been following us for a while you will know I’m happy to let Arlo run wild and participate […]

How to dye chickpeas for messy play.

I often use rice and chick peas for indoor play activities. They provide the sensory fun element of play but as dry ingredients the clean up process isn’t as daunting as it is with slime. You will need: Chick peas Poster paint Vinegar A pint glass Sandwich bags My process for dying the peas is […]

Painting outdoors with toddlers

Arlo absolutely loves painting, and playing with colours. He hasn’t stopped talking about the snow painting activity we did and every morning he looks out of the window checking for snow. We do of course get our messy play materials out indoors but there’s nothing better than having a giant canvas outdoors. Unfortunately the snow […]

A snow dough tinker tray

Continuing on with our winter themed activities I have made a batch of snow dough, Thai is slightly different to our usual play dough recipe and has a texture which is a bit like kinetic sand. I added glitter and provided Arlo with a tinker tray and invited him to build snowmen with me. You […]

Reading Eggs – App Review

This blog contains a review of an app which I was granted free access to. Follow this link to get 30 days access free to try it yourself I have begun to introduce Arlo to limited interactive technology during this lockdown as part of our home schooling activities, because let’s face it we can’t have […]

Nature painting tuff tray

A really simple painting invitation to play. You will need: Paper plates Brushes Paint Collected materials – pinecones and leaves etc. We have been collecting all sorts of random bits and bobs on our nature walks, from pebbles, to pinecones and leaves because Arlo takes his scavenger hunting very seriously. So finally putting all of […]

Jam jar candle holders

This is a really simple but effective way to brighten up a garden on summer nights. You will need: Jam jars Tissue paper PVA glue Water This really is a simple craft, preparation is key. Make sure your jam jar is thoroughly clean and free of label gunk, and get your tissue paper cut in […]

Toilet roll Peacock activity

This is a really simple craft activity which will be enjoyed by kids of all ages. You will need: Toilet roll Paper plate cut in half Paint PVA glue Bits and bobs Googly eyes Small yellow felt or card for a beak When I say bits and bobs, you can use pretty much anything you […]

The Rainbow Trail

A little project we have been working on recently is to give something back to our local community. I have been using all sorts of inspirational quotes as captions on our Instagram page and I also recently designed a rainbow t shirt for Arlo. You might have also read some of our scavenger hunt activities […]

Paper craft birds

These lovely little birds were made out of spare scrap book paper – we usually make these as a Christmas craft but as we have a lot of time to spare then we thought we’d try these one rainy day. You will need: Cardboard Scrap booking paper (double sided pattern) Craft paper Scissors Bird template […]

DIY Bird feeder craft

This was a really simple Sunday afternoon activity, as part of our bird themed activities it only seemed right to make something to hang in our garden for the little robin who visits every day. You will need: Cardboard Peanut butter Bird seed Hole punch Twine I chose to use our wooden shapes as stencils […]

Let’s go fly a kite – product review

This blog features a gifted product – all views and opinions are my own We were delighted to be offered the opportunity to review the Everfly Extra Large rainbow kite from Big Game Hunters. This is quite literally the biggest kite we have ever attempted with an almost 2 metre wingspan. It’s super simple to […]

Rainbow Wave Cookies

Our sugar cookie recipe strikes again! “Always look for the rainbow” – Christopher Robin . 🌈 🌈 STAY SAFE 🌈 🌈 I am sharing our Rainbow Wave cookie recipe: These little biscuits, believe it or not contain three basic ingredients: – 50g sugar – 100g butter – 150g plain flour I added food colouring and […]

Toilet Roll Airplane Craft

Our little spitfires were made during our busy VE Day celebrations, using toilet rolls and a bit of scrap cardboard. You will need: One loo roll Cardboard Paper fastener Masking tape Scissors or scalpel Paint First things first you need to cut your wing, propellor and fail shapes out of some scrap card. I used […]

Re – Useable (not paper) chains

Paper chains are the perfect decoration for any occasion but they never last long, especially outdoors. So here’s a new way to make them. You will need: A4 Felt sheets Velcro dots Scissors Marker Ruler This really is as simple as it sounds. Lay the felt landscape and use the ruler to draw lines about […]

Osmo: The little Genius Starter Kit – Review

Disclaimer: We received the product featured in this blog free of charge Introducing kids to technology is a divisive parenting choice. Finding the right screen time for children is such a difficult challenge, and there are many parents out there who understandably want to avoid it as much as possible. I think Play Osmo have […]

John Adams Play Stuff Review

I was given products free of charge to review on Instagram. It’s been a challenge trying to get hold of flour to make my own dough during this lockdown – and to be honest once I’ve added in food colouring and other ingredients it all adds up, which is why I was delighted when I […]

Sugar Cookie Solar System

After commencing our salt dough solar system project Arlo seemed disappointed that the planets were not edible and so whilst waiting for our paint to dry we set about making a batch of sugar cookies. This is an extremely simple recipe and one which can be adapted with all sorts. You will need: 150g plain […]

Salt Dough Solar System

Go big or go home is how the saying goes…. so when I decided to whip up some salt dough for Arlo we had to make the entire solar system. It’s not quite as challenging or daunting as you might imagine – all the pieces are circular shaped! We love salt dough and to make […]

FireMan Tuff Tray

This is the most simple idea which I have seen doing the rounds lately….. and requires minimal set up compared to our recent tuff tray set ups like our car wash, construction and dinosaur swamp so worth trying out: You will need: Water based paint Paint brush Tuff tray Hose pipe Water spray Fire characters […]

Tuff Tray – Car Wash

This article features a product I was given free of charge in exchange for social media content. All views and opinions expressed are my own. I put all Arlo’s favourite toys in to slime last week and we ended up having to set up a washing activity because he wasn’t too impressed with all of […]

Glueing and sticking

You will need: Tissue paper Safety scissors PVA glue Printable colouring sheets (from twinkl) Glue spreaders (Our plastic bowls and plates are from Ikea, all other items available in home bargains) First of all – a huge thank you to Twinkl because they have provided free access to a wealth of resources for parents. For […]

Plants and flower hunt

Another scavenger hunt activity inspired by the success of our recent Mini Beast hunt and chase the rainbow treasure collecting activities. We used the Twinkl Plants and Flowers Hunt sheet. I printed this one twice and condensed it down to one page of A4. This worksheet is fabulous as it has all sorts of really […]

Chase the rainbow Scavenger hunt

This is another super simple scavenger hunt, printed from the amazing Twinkle Arlo really enjoyed hunting for bugs the first time we tried this on our daily exercise. I don’t have many bugs indoors but our home is full of random little objects so I needed a new idea. Scavenger hunts help develop observational skills […]

Beautiful Butterflies

We are working on crafts inspired by the classic Eric Carle book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” whilst also watching our insect lore caterpillars grow, so craft projects such as this help to reinforce the life cycle of a butterfly learnings and help with other important eyfs skills. You will need: A4 Card stock (not paper). […]

Egg Box Caterpillar

You will need: Egg boxes (the long ones which hold a dozen eggs) Red, green and yellow Paint A purple Pipe cleaner In keeping with our Very Hungry Caterpillar theme because we are watching out insect Lore Caterpillars grow bigger – we tried some more craft activities today. I’m hoping that Arlo is learning to […]

Chase the Rainbow

The Rainbow trail facebook page was set up in early March in response to the news regarding the Corona Virus Pandemic. It’s a simple concept – display a rainbow in your window for passers by. Rainbows are a symbol of positivity, hope and togetherness and have quickly become a viral phenomenon. In a strange time […]

Mini Beast Scavenger Hunt

You will need: A list of things to find It’s as simple as that really. I used another twinkl printable resource but you could easily create your own list without a printer. I laminated our list so we can use it with a dry wipe pen during our daily exercise walks but we practised first […]

Salt Painting

You will need: Salt PVA glue Printable worksheets Watercolour paints (home bargains) I chose to print some colouring pages from twinkl to fit our caterpillar theme because our Insect Lore Caterpillars arrived this week. This is a really simple idea and creates lovely image effects. STEP ONE: Paint a background colour with your water colours […]

Counting to ten

I purchased these wonderful boards from an Etsy store we represent on Instagram – Mimis Makes – you can use code ARLO10 for a discount. I love wooden toys and supporting small businesses run by working from home mums. Miranda has helped me to create some wonderful and useful play resources and can paint them […]

Colour Mixing

Arlo is lucky enough to have a mud kitchen, but you don’t need an elaborate set up for this. In fact I couldn’t find any of his usual tools so had to ‘make do’ You will need: Water based paints 2/3 squeezy water bottles (or pipettes if you have them) Washing up bowl Unscrew the […]

Washing up

It seems crazy to add this in as an activity but trust me on this one….. add bubbles to a plastic bowl in the garden and children seem to suddenly want to complete chores. You will need: Washing up bowl Washing up liquid Sponge Cloths Brushes After my messy dinosaur themed tuff tray Arlo was […]

Water Play

I’m trying to resist the urge to put up our swimming pool and have the novelty wear off or the sides burst before the really hot weather arrives. Playing with water outside is a really simple concept. Use whatever you have lying around the house. For example here Arlo is using a set of stacking […]

Planting seeds

We have been spending a huge amount of time in the garden. Grandad is obsessed with his lawn and has lots of random bits and bobs lying around, and naturally Arlo likes to follow him as he potters around. To include Arlo we bought a children’s gardening set from amazon but this isn’t essential. You […]

Wood Painting

We love doing this because the finished items are small and beautiful, we’re running out of display space for our masterpieces on paper but can always find space for little wooden shapes which have play value too. You will need: Newspaper Paint palette (a plate will do) Brushes Wooden blanks Paints Mum Tip – To […]

Decorating cookies

You will need: Writing icing Sprinkles / sweets Biscuits Flat oven tray Ice cube tray This is a really quick and simple activity – especially if you don’t particularly like baking because you could use something as simple as a digestive – all of the things you need can be added to the supermarket food […]

Cool chicks

You will need: Ice cube tray Water spray bottle Salt Toy hammer Mini chicks (or small toys) Small oven tray Ice excavation activities have always been a firm favourite in this household, but we have very limited freezer space at the moment and so I had to find something small enough to fit inside the […]

Friendship bracelets

This is a super simple activity You will need: Pipe cleaners (Poundland) Beads (eBay) There’s lots of difference facets to this seemingly simple activity. First of all there’s colour sorting and counting. Arlo was very selective about which colours he wanted to use. Then there’s the developing dexterity and making patterns. You can use pens […]

Tuff Tray – Construction

Here’s another really simple set up using bits from around the garden and more of our favourite toys. Items I used: Sand from the sand box Compost Gravel Stones Toy diggers A really simple and quick activity to set up and another one which keeps a busy little toddler occupied for quite a while. Just […]

Tuff Tray Dinosaur Swamp

I set this one up first thing in the morning so that when Arlo came downstairs and couldn’t find his favourite dinosaurs he knew something was up. He tentatively approached the tray and wasn’t quite sure what to do because some of his favourite dinosaurs were sticky. He did eventually get his hands dirty and […]