Motherhood Musings

With International women’s day having been and gone again, I looked back through at some of my blog posts and realised I often share positive content but I do not use my voice regularly to share my opinions and feelings on topical matters. I’ve always kept this blog and my social media accounts based on Arlo, however this year I changed our username, for a variety of reasons, but also so that I could insert more of my own personality in to blogging. One thing I noticed was that opportunities to collaborate with brands on campaigns often passed me by as I was typecast in to the “mummy blogger” niche when I’m so much more than this.

I existed on this planet for thirty years before becoming a parent and I have so much more to offer than to review baby products like nappies. It seems crazy to think that mummy bloggers such as myself are often overlooked when it comes to working with make up, fashion and wine brands – We don’t become invisible as soon as we give birth, our priorities change and we might have less disposable income but this is why it’s more important than ever for women and mothers to be represented on social media. This probably isn’t the most serious challenge facing women right now but its one worth mentioning. This journey so far has been unusual for me – anyone who has met me in “real life” or had the experience of encountering me in a group chat knows that I am not backwards in coming forwards about things. This new space on my blog is where I will collate my random thoughts about anything and everything.

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