Issues facing women

With International women’s day approaching I thought I would ask some mums across my social networks an important question. I posted a simple story on my instagram and asked:

“What are the top issues mothers are facing in 2020?”

I was planning to collate a little blog post and write something topical and interesting but within a short space of time my notifications were going crazy. I didn’t expect such overwhelming response to my question and so I then began to share some of the issues anonymously and provide the opportunity to crowdsource some advice.

So what was going to be a single blog post is now going to be something more. There are lots of issues which have been mentioned, some topics more obvious than others to discuss, and I have to pleasantly surprised with the advice and experience being shared by women to help women. A problem shared is a problem smashed in to a million pieces.

One person said that they often felt judged – I asked my viewers if they had experienced being judged and over 90% answered yes. That’s a sadly unsurprising statistic and something I want to delve in more in the future.

Sometimes issues can be divisive and cause heated discussion between women as we are all so passionate about things we believe in – but this exercise has reminded me that there is more that exists to unite us than divide us. So today, on international women’s day, let’s celebrate women supporting women to tackle these issues head on!

Me time

In response to my “what issues do you face as a mother in 2020?” question a friend of mine on Instagram shared: “I feel as though I am shamed or looked down upon for wanting ‘me’ time” I felt it was appropriate to share this immediately (anonymously) to open up the opportunity for women to […]