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Once upon a time I was a parent who was passionate about having zero screen free time – then lockdown happened and I discovered the untold positives of children’s technology. Of course I am still an advocate for learning through play and the benefits of natural resources but I have managed to find some wonderful kids shows which I feel really help kids learn important lessons for themselves.

Morphle caught my attention because he has a naughty counterpart or twin called Orphle (pronounced awful) the notion of which cracked me up and made me pay attention to the YouTube channel of Dutch animator Arthur Van Merwijk – I often find myself with kids shows still on long after bedtime and forget that Arlo isn’t even awake, I made a mental note as I thought he would enjoy this fab little show. Morphle is a funny little magical pet which belongs to Mila and they have all sorts of adventures together.

Morphle is magical and can transform in to all sorts of different shapes and animals which means he can often be called upon to help friends in a time of need. Mila (just like Arlo) has a strong imagination and so there’s no limit to the creativity – Morphle can become a dinosaur a giant truck, or even a fire engine with a large ladder to help rescue a cat stuck up a tree. It’s no surprises that the animation now has its own dedicated TV show and a huge range of merchandise and toys.

The idea is that whatever situation they find themselves in, a little creativity from Mila can help solve the problems and of course friendship tends to help overcome all the barriers too. These are powerful messages for little ones which we like to reinforce at home. Arlo likes to play pretend and “transform mummy in to” all sorts of creatures – I love to play along which is okay at home but I do get some funny looks when he tells me I’m a kangaroo in the middle of a supermarket and I play along by jumping around like a loon!

That’s beside the point – one of our favourite things about Morphle is his twin Orphle – we use this analogy to help communicate emotions and feelings in a positive way. The little plushie we were sent recently is ideal for this – we have conversations about how we feel on a daily basis and Arlo will show me the green or red side based on how he feels – a little like the inside out octopus (octopi?) toys work – Morphle is always happy and Orphle is how he tells me he’s been up to mischief – and trust me a four year old can create havoc at home in a matter of moments.

Arlo will re-enact episodes from the show and then continue the story with an ensemble cast of his toys here at home creating all sorts of escapades. His little Mila vehicles are ideal for this and he gets very involved with his role play and it keeps him busy for hours. These chunky little vehicles are ideal for small hands and he likes to take them out and about too. Other parents have spotted these and mentioned that they too have kids fascinated with magical Morphle and didn’t realise that there was a range of toys in existence.

These vehicles, the plushie and more Morphle items are available to order online now from retailers such as Amazon and would make ideal stocking fillers for little ones.

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  1. I wasn’t aware of this, looks perfect for my lad, he is 11 and has severe learning difficulties so this is pretty perfect for him


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