Hoover Anti Allergy Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner – review

Spring is coming

Which means it’s the ideal time to start freshening up around the home. The perfect time for a Hoover Upright 300 review. I’ve been going from room to room trying to reorganise my clutter. This is repurposing spaces to make best use of my rooms. Every time I move furniture I’m amazed at  how much dust and grime gathers behind them.

Hoover offered me the opportunity to conduct a review and as I have the cats and parrot I opted for the pet version from the options of upright vacuum cleaners from their anti-allergy range and it arrived swiftly via a doorstep delivery in a sturdy recyclable cardboard box.

When it arrived I had just finished moving things around in my lounge. Echo our parrot had been busy throwing around bird seed – making a huge mess just like she does most mornings. My previous vacuum couldn’t cope with the dust and mess so’d I usually end up on my hands and knees daily sweeping up after her. Then never mind chasing the cats around the house who seems to moult continuously all year round. Arlo likes to sit on my rug right in front of the fireplace. He is like a Tasmanian devil for making mess.

Unboxing Experience

The box contents for the Hoover HU300 were easy and intuitive to put together although I made sure to check the instruction book first to make sure I was doing everything properly for this hoover upright 300 review. There’s two attachments included and I like that both slot easily on to the body of the vacuum for storage. These slot on to the hose part of the vacuum intuitively with a little click and can be used for cleaning upholstery – ie under all the sofa cushions.

The handle of the hoover easily slots in to the main body of the hoover with a click.  I checked out the mechanisms for the emptying before use to make sure I could use it properly too. There are  simple icons to show which way to twist and secure the parts in to place and then take apart. The H13 HEPA filter  is designed for allergy sufferers. It traps things like dust, dander and pet hair which helps purify the air. It is also easily removed and cleaned.

The suction power

My previous model was wireless, which seemed like a great idea at the time but I could never find the parts and the battery would run out mid way through a clean. It’s sucking power declined after about ten/fifteen mins and I never found the right place in our home to charge it either as my storage cupboard doesn’t have a plug which used to drive me mad.  I made sure to take this hoover all around the house, it was quite fun to use as it’s not too heavy to take upstairs and the power lead was long enough for me to cover all of my steps with extra to spare, and I felt like the mains gave the hoover more sucking power.

The hoover has modes for carpet and for hardwood. I tested it out in the lounge on the rug first of all. Despite regular cleaning I was shocked to see just how much dust and fluff it picked up from my relatively small rug.

Hardwood and carpet modes

With a simple slide on the base of the HU300 I was able to switch to hardwood mode and whizz around the rest of the lounge. Picking up dust and dander from the parrot as we went along. It glides along smoothly, with a smooth hinge action enabling me to get under the sofa at a low angle. It took me a few minutes to cover the whole room and then I switched to the hose to deep clean the sofa.

I pulled off all the cushions and used the nozzle attachment.  I realised it had an extra click and the pet brush feature. This helped get in to the crevices of my sofa where all manner of stuff ends up. Once this area was clear (and I had managed to find a few coins) I switched to the brush attachment to clean the body of my sofa and the cushions. The suction power was just as great with the hose as it was when I was using the main body.

Testing out the technology

I decided to really test out the Multi Cyclonic technology. The HU300 claims to push dust away from the filter helping it stay cleaner for longer and maintain suction. I used the HU300 all over my house daily until the cylinder was almost full. It really didn’t seem to lose power at all. It’s strong enough to lift my whole rug clean off the floor using the hose.  It continued to pick up everything from moulted feathers to cardboard and more even when half full.

Hoover Upright 300 review

Overall I am very impressed with this model. It delivers on its promises and represents excellent value for money.  It’s a pleasure to use, and to put it quite simply it gets the job done.

The Hoover Upright 300 pets vacuum cleaner is available here and at the time of writing is £199.99.

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