Here we go again…

I can’t quite believe that we’re heading for another nationwide lockdown. It barely seems like five minutes since restrictions were lifted and we could head out to the zoo for Arlo’s birthday.

It’s safe to say that we have really made the most of the summer, following all of the rules with social distancing we have been to all of our favourite places including the safari park and Cadbury world to name but a few places.

We also managed to enjoy and celebrate almost all the family birthdays together which conveniently occur over the summer….. but the thought of Christmas without my niece, nephews and parents is just not something I want to dwell on. This time around I’m determined to stick to the lockdown again and hope that this virus disappears as quickly as it arrived in the first place.

For lockdown part one we had the good fortune of the sunshine to keep us happy. We were able to spend countless hours in the garden – I worked from home on the hottest days of the year with my feet in the paddling pool and my laptop perched on my knees. We dragged a table out to the garden and made alfresco dining an every day occurrence, and I didn’t long for the fun and frolics of a beer garden at all.

Now we’re facing thirty days indoors on the coldest and darkest days of the year. I would usually be planning Christmas activities and rushing between different indoor attractions at the weekend to spoil Arlo – I miss the theatre and the panto and even the dreaded soft play. The thought of not heading out to the Christmas markets or the light switch ons is horrible but I do not want to dwell on it.

Thirty days is a long time to make some changes. I’m sticking to my promise to myself which I made a couple of weeks ago and so before lockdown commences I’m heading to the hairdresser – I haven’t had my hair done this year and I deserve a treat! I’m also looking at thirty day fitness challenges. I’m going to try and do these every morning to pass the time and of course if I do then the results will be rewarding.

I’m also going to update my blog daily. It will be a mix of journaling (not that interesting if I don’t leave my house) and catching up with recording things we have done this year. I’m glad I haven’t gotten around to creating my lockdown 2020 memory box because I’m sure we can come up with a million more craft projects and activities too.

This time around I’m also going to try and avoid the news. Back in March I had the news channel on all day in the background watching the daily updates as the figures rose and new rules were invented on a daily basis. The stress this created was awful and all I used to do was chat to my friends about the latest figures and we would wind ourselves up with worry. My focus is on trying to remain positive.

What are your plans for lockdown part 2? If you want to join in or follow my thirty day challenges then follow us on Instagram and see how we get on!

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