Health and Fitness for Busy Parents

With all the duties and tasks parents have to do every day, taking care of our health and activity levels often takes a backseat. Finding time for individual well-being just seems impossible when you have work and family commitments to handle all at once. However, if you can find time for exercise and fitness, you will realise how much it can positively affect your overall life.

For example, if you have trouble sleeping, a good exercise regimen can be exactly what you need to sleep better. If you have been dealing with stubborn pains and aches, a good workout routine can help you get fitter and feel better. Even if it’s something gentle like yoga.

Keep in mind- you cannot take care of your family or juggle all of your work responsibilities if you are not in the best shape. Therefore, if you are not going to exercise for yourself, at least think about your children at home and how they deserve to spend time with the best version of you. We have highlighted a few health and fitness tips for busy parents, which you can incorporate into your schedule.

Start Small

You do not have to finish an entire routine every day. A lot of people get discouraged and give up when they are unable to meet their goals. Instead of giving up, try again the next day. Remember, consistency is everything when it comes to physical fitness. 

Start small and set smaller goals for yourself. Once you get used to that routine, build on your goals by adding to them. Progress is progress, no matter how much weight training you have done on a single day. I started by parking my car further away so that I had to walk extra steps and I make sure I take the stairs even when there is a lift.

Ride Your Bike To Work

If your workplace is close enough to your home, ditch your car and take your bike to work instead. This way, you will not have to devote any extra time to working out, you can simply take it out of your daily routine. Biking is a fun and eco-conscious way to commute to work and what’s more, biking is a great pastime for your kids. On your day-offs, you can take your kids on a bike ride and bond together. 

Exercise As A Family

One of the best ways to work out is to involve your kids in your routine. This way, you will spend some time with them as well as be able to catch up on your workout goals. This could include activities such as yoga, dancing, aerobics, bodyweight exercises, and so on. If you are already in the habit of doing intense exercises such as strength training, Yoga for bodybuilding is an amazing way to build agility and flexibility which will also take care of those stubborn back and shoulder pains that are associated with intense training. Walk to the local park instead of driving, pack a bag with lunch and consider carrying that as part of your weight training routine too.

Learn To Exercise On The Go

As a busy parent, you are always on a time crunch. Therefore, you have to figure out a way to exercise on the go. Plan your day in such a way that you can include a few minutes of workout or fitness activities in between your commitments. Make use of the resources around you wisely. For example, skip the elevator and climb up the stairs. Utilize your breaks at work by doing some light exercise. Walk or bike to the grocery store for lunch instead of driving. As we said, consistency is everything. Even ten-minute workouts can be effective over time if they are performed consistently.

Combine Exercise With Daily Chores

Let’s face it- chores are boring. They also take an annoyingly long amount of time to be finished. But as parents, chores are part of our everyday routine. Therefore, try to sprinkle some elements of fun into everyday chores. 

For example, put on music and dance your heart out while you are vacuuming the house. Children leave toys scattered all around- make sure to get in some squats while you are picking them up and moving things around. Do outdoor activities such as gardening with your children, this will foster a love for nature as well as help you bond. I also like to stretch whilst washing up.

You can maintain a healthy self as well as pave a path for your kids to be conscious about their health in these ways. Remember, health is wealth. If you want to spend a long time with your kids and watch them grow up, invest in your health today and start moving around more. Incorporate these exercises in your daily schedule and you will certainly notice a difference. 

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Sean Lynam

Sean is a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer by profession, and a freelance health writer by passion. He writes and shares his knowledge for a range of health, fitness, and nutrition brands.

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