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Glueing and sticking

You will need:

  • Tissue paper
  • Safety scissors
  • PVA glue
  • Printable colouring sheets (from twinkl)
  • Glue spreaders
(Our plastic bowls and plates are from Ikea, all other items available in home bargains)

First of all – a huge thank you to Twinkl because they have provided free access to a wealth of resources for parents.

For this activity Arlo was around when I was setting up and so of course he wanted to join in with the cutting of the tissue paper. I’m quite happy to let him get on with this because he is very careful and it helps develop manual dexterity.

We spoke about the colours and shapes he was cutting and then he chose his egg from a selection I had printed.

He was more than happy to continue with his cutting rather than do any actual sticking himself. He simply sat and gave me orders about which colours I could use and where exactly to stick them.

You can scrunch your little pieces to get more of a 3D effect.

This was intended to be an Easter themed activity however Arlo was very insistent that these were in fact dinosaur eggs. This activity can be done with any simple colouring sheets. I’ve saved up our tissue scraps and other materials – foil wrappers are excellent for space, fish and robot themes.

The finished results were proudly pinned to our notice board which is becoming a bit of an art gallery.

Mum tip – print on to A4 card rather than paper for sticking activities to avoid getting in a crumpled mess.

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