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Frozen flowers

    During our flower themed scavenger hunt we collected some beautiful flowers, and so we have been putting them to good use.

    For this activity you will need:

    • Small collection of flowers
    • Ice cube tray
    • Tupperware container
    • Calpol syringe
    • Paint brush
    • Tooth brush
    • Cup of warm water

    All you need to do is place a flower or two in each compartment with water and freeze overnight. Carefully wash all of your flowers first to make sure you don’t have any hidden creepy crawlies.

    I set this up at the breakfast table so that I could get five minutes peace but it kept Arlo occupied for quite a while. He enjoyed dipping the calpol syringe in the warm water and squirting it all over the place.

    He also had some other tools to hand which he tried to used to tease the flowers out of the ice, great for problem solving and dexterity.

    Such a simple little idea and very minimal effort to prep. We will definitely be doing this one again on a bigger scale when I have more freezer space.

    Mum tip: use a variety of different coloured flowers to also reinforce learning about colours and talk about the differences between the flowers – big/little opposites etc.

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