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Day three

So the sun sets on a fairly uneventful day in our household. Arlo was at his daddy’s house when the announcement by the prime minister was made on Monday evening and so I woke up early to head out to the supermarket on Tuesday.

Thankfully there are new rules in place, everyone queued up outside and was very respectful with regards to social distancing. There are lots of security guards present and tape on the floors near the tills to make sure people stay 2m apart. The fresh food shelves were abundant, but some products like loo roll and tinned food remains out of stock, nappies and baby milk also seems in short supply which is a worry for many.

In our household we are determined to continue to eat healthily and with fresh food for as long as possible – this first stage of the “stay at home” regulations is set to last for three weeks and I anticipate further restrictions after this – so I tucked into my smashed avocado on toast and savoured every mouthful before settling down to work on the laptop.

Our work team scheduled a “wellness” call – a video call with everyone just to chat and catch up which is a fabulous idea and I suggest anyone from home takes the opportunity to connect with others using technology.

In between various admin tasks I checked some personal emails. Throughout this time Arlo is unable to attend nursery. They are closed for everyone except the children of “key workers” unable to find an alternative. The nursery it seems would still like to invoice parents and asked us to continue paying fees for the duration of this crisis or we risk losing our place once normality resumes.

No idea at the moment if this is an option for us, can I work from home with a toddler? Will Arlo’s dad even get paid? People all around the country are asking questions, because despite all of the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s assurances, none of the financial procedures he has defined to help people through this have been set in place. Slowly new updates trickle through – the deadline for car’s due their MOT’s has been extended by six months for example.

In the meantime we are staying at home. Arlo is too young for any rigid “home schooling” but like any other day in this household we have an array of crafts and activities for him to enjoy. He seems content joining in with meal preparation, grandma has been baking fresh cakes every day.

With the glorious weather we have been experiencing, the garden is a fabulous place to spend time. Arlo has a mud kitchen, I bought lots of plants, seeds and fresh herbs and Arlo has been having some quality time bonding with his grandad and learning how to pot plants.

I chose to go for a walk in the local park on Tuesday evening which was lovely, we had the place to ourselves and watched the sun set over the hills – but Arlo was distraught when we had to turn and avoid the play area. Closed for public safety – to prevent children and families gathering in groups and risking passing on this dreadful virus. Trying to explain to Arlo that he couldn’t play on the slide was tough – Now we are going to choose places with no play areas for our daily exercise.

As it stands there are currently 9529 people with the virus in the UK and 463 people have unfortunately passed away. The news reports are a stark reminder that the worst is yet to come. With “NHS Nightingale ” having been set up at the Excel Exhibition Centre – videos shared by contractors helping to set up the 4000 beds inside such a vast space are circulating on social media.

The worst is yet to come but we’re trying to keep ourselves busy and make the most of the opportunity we have as a family to spend time together and do some creative projects.

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