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Day Seven and eight

Wow. We have made it a whole week and I can’t quite believe it. It’s now a common occurrence in this household for Arlo to slip out of bed as soon as he hears that Grandma is up and about for their jam and toast breakfast date.

One positive out of all this is time. All those times I’ve resented having to rush out in the morning to get to nursery before hitting rush hour traffic en route to work are a distant memory. I used to pack so many things in to our weekends just to make sure I was creating valuable memories for Arlo.

So this Sunday we did jigsaws over the two course breakfast with the toast followed with a huge fruit salad, before come commencing with some Easter inspired painting and craft activities before re-locating to the play room where Arlo invented his own little game.

He asked me where a small fish lived and I responded “in the water” – and then he placed the fish onto his little wooden “small world” pond. After this he decided to empty the entire bag of over one hundred schleich animal figurines and rummaged around for other fish and water animals.

After this he found some elephants who didn’t live in the water and so I quickly had to find his green wooden shapes to be the grass, then subsequently sketch a quick tree on to a sheet of craft paper for his squirrel and bugs and then find some brown felt because his pigs needed mud.

He was happy sorting out his animals for quite a while in to different environments and then doing some role play with them too, so I prepared an early tapas style lunch before his dad arrived to take Arlo out for some fresh air on his bike.

On sunday afternoon we enjoyed some of grandma’s freshly baked scones and a nice Sunday roast and eventually had an early bed time.

I purposely avoided the news on Sunday, and kept myself busy looking through Pinterest and Instagram to find new ideas. I did a spot of online shopping, ordering some craft supplies and garden toys for Arlo to keep him occupied.

Monday was another bright and early start. I went to the supermarket very early, just as Arlo was leaving for the day with his dad. This arrangement is fortunate for us right now, I can get on with working from home whilst Lee is furloughed and has the free time.

The local high street was eerily deserted on Monday, no queues to enter the car park, no queues to get in to the shop or even at the checkout and the shopping restrictions have eased – you can now get more than 2/3 of an item because the panic buying has stopped, I managed to get everything we needed before heading home to log in to the laptop.

Arlo bounded through the door on Monday evening full of energy (no surprises there). I sat him down quickly with some little wooden rabbits and a little palette of carefully selected colours. My top tip when painting with kids of to give them 2/3 colours which work nicely together – otherwise you will inevitably end up with brown!

Grandad was outside clearing the patio which was intriguing to Arlo and so he slipped away from the table, put his wellies on and went outside to ‘help’ – despite the rain! That reminded me of some bulbs and seeds I had bought for Arlo, (which we have saved for another day).

After dinner we all sat together in the living room, browsing through old magazines and talking about previous craft projects, I did some paper crafting and Mum decided to get out her crochet and show me how it’s done, so before I knew it, three hours had passed and it was bed time. I think these kind of hobbies are going to be very useful at this time because the hours just drift away.

We were concerned to see two ambulances arrive at a neighbours house on Monday evening, with the paramedics taking every precaution with full protective equipment being worn. The blue lights flashed silently for over an hour, a stark reminder that despite enjoying a relative few days of blissful ignorance indoors, that we are in the middle of a crisis.

The current UK figures suggest that 1408 people have passed away as a result of Corona Virus, however the press reports that these figures are likely to be inaccurate because this only relates to people who have died within a hospital and not those who have died in their own homes or care home settings. The office for national statistics will be releasing a report tomorrow which I am sure will contain alarming figures.

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