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Day Nine

Tuesday 31st March. I wish that somehow the newspapers could print that this whole thing has been a twisted April Fools Joke, I know that isn’t going to happen but I can’t quite believe the news today. Before the news came on the radio I was happily dancing in the kitchen with Arlo before breakfast.

Then the news started and today whilst I worked on a PowerPoint presentation for work I kept an eye on the updates whilst Arlo was again with his dad, who sends me updates throughout the day.

According to recent figures over 1789 people have died as a result of COVID-19. It seems unbelievable that in 24 hours over 380 people have passed away, and that the press conferences with our chief Medical officer Chris Whitty continue to reiterate that we are not yet at the peak of this outbreak.

The hope is that the extreme new rules are limiting social contacts between people and therefore preventing the virus from spreading too quickly. This would put too much pressure on the NHS and so the plan is to delay the curve. This means we are likely to be experiencing social limitations for up to six months. We’ve only had these rules in place for a week and so it remains to be seen as to how effective this has been in the UK so far.

I have to say that I had been anticipating this, however because the initial press conference communicated that these changes would be in place for three weeks some people have been shocked by this new update, nonetheless ‘most’ people seem to be sticking to the rules.

I say most because the hot topic on radio phone in’s has been news of house parties of up to 25 people being dispersed and also still of the police having to send groups of people home from public parks and spaces. The police are also conducting random checks on car drivers and asking people to explain the reason for their journey. If it’s not deemed essential then you risk being imposed with a £30 fine.

Today was another bright and sunny day despite all of this hanging over us and Arlo remains oblivious. He has mentioned his cousins and nursery and the shops now a few times but he is very easily distracted and I’m keen to make sure that he doesn’t remember this as an anxious or scary time.

I created some laminated sheets recently for some of my small business customers and decided to print a few extra’s out for Arlo. He is a long way off from being able to read and write but he sat still and focused on his penmanship for a few minutes. Squiggling over some letters of the alphabet and then colouring in the shapes of letters in his own name.

We also managed to squeeze in another Easter themed craft activity after our dinner, but we haven’t finished yet and so I will have to save sharing pictures until the morning. It’s been a mad March and although I’m trying to continue with a cheerful and positive I know that by the end of April I will be looking back at a month of sadness for so many people.

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