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Day Four

I thought I would have run out of things to write about by now, but we managed to pack quite a lot in to another day at home.

The sun was shining from 6am and so we woke up and started a little craft activity, painting our sun catchers in the playroom together before daddy came to pick Arlo up. I’m so grateful that this gives me the chance to continue to work from home and get everything done.

Meanwhile I asked my mum to come up with a rainbow drawing for me to put on a t shirt for Arlo and she spent ages working on the cutest design. One good thing about all this time is getting the chance to be creative again. She also created a window mural to say thank you to our postmen and women for continuing to work through all of this.

I went to meet Lee and Arlo at a nearby park for my daily exercise and we ended up walking for over an hour along a bridle path – almost 7000 steps which must be about three miles. For the first time we did encounter other people along our route and made sure to step aside and maintain the social distancing guidelines.

Arlo is used to greeting everyone with a cheery hello, and in normal circumstances we stop and chat with every dog walker and families in parks but we had to politely wave and say “good evening” from a distance. I didn’t really think about this type of scenario, it goes against all the manners we have taught our son to not be friendly but ‘needs must’.

During our walk the Chancellor was broadcasting live about the support the government plans to provide the self employed, another huge package designed to help people struggling financially as business has practically ground to a halt for many people right now.

Arlo was exhausted by the time we got home and fell asleep before 6pm (he never does this on a normal school night). Last night we also took part in a round of applause from our doorstep. The idea being for the country to show support for the NHS and it was incredibly humbling to hear the clapping echo down the road and then to see everyone’s videos on social media.

It’s amazing that in these times, people can come together to demonstrate their support for one another. It certainly does mean a lot to everyone putting their lives at risk on a daily basis. As it stands there are 11,658 confirmed cases here in the UK and last night the government confirmed that 578 patients have died with confirmed Positive tests for COVID-19

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