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Day five and six

I didn’t have the time to write up a post yesterday because I was busy playing with Arlo for most of yesterday. Friday was a fairly uneventful, I had a video-conference with my colleagues first thing and it was strange to see my boss in a hoodie at home! Arlo spent most of the day with his dad.

The general atmosphere now seems to have changed, most people have come to terms with the situation, taking the advice very seriously. It was alarming to hear the news that our Prime Minister and also the Health Secretary have both tested positive for COVID-19 and to also see our death toll reach over 1000 on Saturday afternoon.

I’m expect further “lockdown” restrictions to be announced soon, and I don’t see this coming to a conclusion anytime soon, guesstimates from the experts on the never ending news broadcasts suggest we will be living this restricted lifestyle for twelve weeks or more.

The more startling news is that alongside the NHS nightingale being constructed in London, there are also plans to build similar intensive care structures around the country, including in Birmingham – alongside a morgue in an aircraft hanger at the airport – this perhaps explains why we saw Chinooks fly overhead whilst in the garden during the afternoon. Various contractors have been sharing clips on social media about the work they’re doing in these places and the reality is setting in for many of the people who were stating originally that this is all a big fuss and “it’s just the flu.”

We have spent some time watching video clips from Chester Zoo who did Facebook live broadcasts from various animal enclosures to keep the nations children amused. So many companies are offering free access to online resources for everyone – from lessons with dancers to sing-a-longs with baby groups, and then lots of printable resources, interactive apps and craft ideas. These are amazing for older children, and I’ve been sharing as many as possible with friends and relatives.

We took a walk to the local valley on Friday afternoon for our daily exercise, near the horse riding school and were fortunate enough to be able to see the horses in the fields – not going to our favourite children’s farms and the safari park has been the worst for Arlo because he loves animals so much, but we’ve invented lots of games with out toys to keep him busy.

Grandma created a new rainbow design for him to wear on a t shirt, featuring some of his favourite things and then on Saturday morning we spent some time playing with numbers and colours before watching a little bit of tv, he’s had such a busy week that he wanted to lie back and relax – and I don’t blame him.

We head out for our Saturday afternoon walk to a local reservoir, pausing to feed the ducks. The weather seemed to take a turn and no one was around as we walked through the woodland. It’s so strange to be out without all of Arlo’s cousins and to not speak to anyone else at all, I really appreciate that we live near to some wonderful open spaces and I’m making sure to get outdoors every day.

Arlo was running loops around me, the walk was mainly uphill and he was exhausted so had a long nap and still went to sleep fairly early, and I fell asleep beside him last night. The clocks changed and we woke up this morning an hour later – so it’s officially British Summer Time now. It’s certainly going to be an unforgettable one.

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