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Curly Hair, Don’t Care

Today we had a little tantrum during bath time when I approached Arlo’s tangled locks with a hairbrush. He’s been getting fussy lately and I don’t like to hear him say “ow mommy, it hurts” and so I decided that after two and a half years it’s about time we book in for his first hair cut.

This Barnet of his is clearly out of control – so I did a quick search for local kids hair dressers and came across Trimz and Tantrumz and booked us in for a first hair cut experience.

The booking process was all online and I chose the £16 option which includes the cut, a keepsake lock of hair, plus a certificate and a balloon.

We arrived at the salon in Halesowen a little early and Arlo was really excited to get in the door because he spotted the car seats and bright interior straight away. Whilst the hair dresser finished with her client I sat on some comfy seats whilst Arlo rushed through to the play room and it was fabulous to observe the friendly and gentle manner which helps put the kids at ease.

The first thing she said was “you don’t want me to cut all his hair off do you” and I was so relieved to hear this – glad that she liked his blonde fluffy and tangled Barnet because his style is “divisive” to say the least. Arlo was invited to choose which car he wanted to sit in and at first opted for the “bat mobile” – and the cut commenced.

The cut itself was extremely efficient, Arlo barely had time to notice as he happily munched an apple whilst watching a cartoon on the screens ahead of him. He did however decide he wanted to switch seats and try out the airplane which was no trouble at all – in fact even better as this one had straps which we could use if he decided to move around!

It almost seems ridiculous to go and only get a few millimetres of hair chopped off but I wanted to get Arlo used to the hair salon environment and hair cut process so that we don’t struggle in the future – the trim immediately made his hair appear healthier – I’ll leave the big decision making up to him – I’m sure he will have no problems letting me know when he wants to chop his curls off but today was not that day!

As his cut was finished he received his certificate and he seemed very proud of himself! The whole process took no longer than fifteen minutes and we’ll be back again for another trim soon, but with the care advice and product recommendations we received today hopefully the fluff won’t get quite out of control again!

Thank you Trimz and Tantrumz – his curls have bounced back up already!

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