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Counting to ten

    Counting to ten

    I purchased these wonderful boards from an Etsy store we represent on Instagram – Mimis Makes – you can use code ARLO10 for a discount.

    I love wooden toys and supporting small businesses run by working from home mums. Miranda has helped me to create some wonderful and useful play resources and can paint them all to your preferences. I opted to keep ours blank and we have painted ours together during lockdown which kept us occupied for a little while.

    These trays are helping Arlo recognise the numerals and associate them with the value. He can then visualise that (for example) ten is more than four.

    I ordered a hundred little coloured felt balls from amazon for this activity as seen in the picture but you can use anything you have lying around the home – buttons or pieces from toys – or maybe even items you find on your nature walks. In fact collecting items for the numbers is half the fun.

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