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5 Screen Free Activities for Children

Lots of children (and adults alike) rely on screens as a source of entertainment and communication, but this isn’t always the best option for their overall health and well-being. Children need to engage in a variety of different stimulating activities so that they can develop key skills and remain active. So, if you’re wondering how to keep your children entertained without the use of a digital… Read More »5 Screen Free Activities for Children

How to earn a passive income from your social media channels and blog

I thought I would collate some of my tips and hints on how to earn extra income. Making your social media channels and your blog work for you, exploring investing in bitcoin to earn a passive income and some more of life’s little lacks. You too can enjoy more free time and earn a little extra income. Of course this sounds really easy but there… Read More »How to earn a passive income from your social media channels and blog


Sustainability for our future

We constantly hear the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra and it is of course for a very good reason. Arlo seems to have learnt about recycling before he has mastered reading the alphabet. I’ve been making lots of changes around my home in an attempt to be more Earth friendly because this really does matter. I’m determined that Arlo grows up in world which is green,… Read More »Sustainability for our future

What’s trending in 2022

Whenever it comes to January I always feel as though I need a compete revamp – from wishing I had the budget to fill my wardrobe with new clothing, to feeling as though my home looks plain without the festive decorations and planning my next DIY project – never mind booking in a holiday to chase away the winter blues. I’ve been putting in the… Read More »What’s trending in 2022

What’s new Pussycat – a review

I have waited so long to be back in the audience of a live show. I’ve been a lifelong fan of the theatre and have a memory box full of programmes from performances I have seen, so when The Rep got in touch and asked me to come along to a preview showing of “what’s new pussycat” I was delighted. Picture the scene: it’s 1965… Read More »What’s new Pussycat – a review