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Paper FX – review

As you may know I am a huge fan of upcycling and can often be found skip diving in order to turn one man’s rubbish in to my treasures. I’m also a collector/hoarder of all sorts of arts and crafts supplies including paper. Now finally we have some awesome projects on the go because of paper FX. This snazzy little system helps you to weave… Read More »Paper FX – review

The hero toys and top trends for 2022

Behind the scenes of the glitzy world of toy reviewing and social media there’s an industry worth billions , with manufacturers, designers and marketing agencies working hard all year round to make sure that kids dreams come true on Christmas morning. The Toy fair is the annual trade show where manufacturers showcase their latest new products and retailers decide what they’re going to stock on… Read More »The hero toys and top trends for 2022

There’s a new pickle in town – reversible Cats vs. Pickle plushie review

Cats vs. Pickles invites you to enter a world in which cats are nothing short of paw-trified of Pickles! But, for their green pickled adversaries, this fear is a cu-cumbersome burden to bear, because Cats have simply meows-understood! All they want is a bit of love! Arlo has been obsessed with these funny little things for a while now – it started when we found… Read More »There’s a new pickle in town – reversible Cats vs. Pickle plushie review

Teaching kids knife skills

As a trainee teacher in design and technology one thing which I am constantly repeating over and over is “bridge and claw” – this is the method we use to teach knife skills to our children from year seven and I have found myself repeating it to the GCSE groups too. Some pupils could rival Gordon Ramsey with their culinary skills whilst others have never… Read More »Teaching kids knife skills

Which scooter for a four year old?

Arlo has been obsessed with scooters from a very young age and we have had our fair share of adventures on three wheeled options which have helped him gain confidence up to this stage. Every time we visit the local park his eyes glaze over as he watches the big kids on the ramps and he admires their stunts and “tricks” as he calls them.… Read More »Which scooter for a four year old?

Introducing Morphle Merch

Once upon a time I was a parent who was passionate about having zero screen free time – then lockdown happened and I discovered the untold positives of children’s technology. Of course I am still an advocate for learning through play and the benefits of natural resources but I have managed to find some wonderful kids shows which I feel really help kids learn important… Read More »Introducing Morphle Merch

ProjeX – toy review

From the moment we unboxed this game we have all been fiercely competing against each other for household champion bragging rights. ProjeX is like one of the retro arcade games and the best thing is you don’t need any screens – just the base, blasters and a blank wall. The box comes with a base, two blasters and three interchangeable cards for different targets plus… Read More »ProjeX – toy review

Laser Pegs toy review

We are such huge fans of construction toys in this house so we jumped at the chance to review a new range and as soon as we received a box containing pieces which light upthe kids wanted to dive right in. We were sent two Laser Pegs construction kits – both of which are “multi models” which means that you can create 4 different build… Read More »Laser Pegs toy review

Morphun – Total Stem – review

I feel as though I am obsessed with construction, I always have been and so it’s little surprise that this is rubbing off on Arlo. We have all sorts of sets, from the ever popular childrens classics such as Lego, to some newer toy kits featuring magnets and we love sitting down and playing with them – from following instructions to build something “properly” to… Read More »Morphun – Total Stem – review