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The books I used to read as a child and why they are problematic.

I am a self confessed book worm. I always have been and always will be. Now that I am a parent there is nothing more delightful than sharing some of my most favourite stories with Arlo. For me it’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane, and for Arlo he’s discovering new worlds for the very first time. Tomorrow is World book day, it’s not just… Read More »The books I used to read as a child and why they are problematic.

Our road map out of lockdown

This is a sponsored blog post Boris has announced that there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel and a new roadmap to get us out of lockdown and hopefully by June it means that “staying home” will be no longer be a requirement . I’m pretty sure that everyone right now is planning to make this summer incredible to make up for lost… Read More »Our road map out of lockdown

Lockdown through the eyes of a toddler

In retrospect The last twelve months have been traumatic for everyone. As adults we are able to explain feelings of loneliness and isolation, and pick up the phone to communicate with other people who understand. I’m pausing now to reflect on how it’s been with a toddler. The terrible two’s are a real thing, and during this time they learn new things at an exponential… Read More »Lockdown through the eyes of a toddler

What a year it’s been

Christmas Day has been and gone, I sat looking at the Christmas tree on the evening of 27th December feeling down that Christmas was over and that we have nothing to look forwards to. The news has rumours of another lockdown and tiers with more restrictions and there’s even talks about school closures. For a long time I’ve been waiting to see the back of… Read More »What a year it’s been

tougH Girl

Hyperemesis Gravidarum Pregnancy. Every blogger out there has a nemesis of a story they want to share. I never intended to share this one because it’s not a fun and positive experience – I am known for being optimistic and enthusiastic, full of energy – but in all honesty there’s not much I enjoyed about the experience of pregnancy. I went from posting copious amounts… Read More »tougH Girl