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Thirty days of mindfulness

I’m a huge fan of thirty day challenges, I’ve written about all sorts of different things I’ve tried in the past – from squat challenges which get increasingly tougher to more creative challenges where your skills develop as you try out a new make up technique every day. One thing I’ve been really focusing on is mindfulness. Over the lockdown I found compulsory online zoom… Read More »Thirty days of mindfulness

A journey to health and wellness

I’ve written previously about how I lost a sense of self over lockdown. A year of sitting at home with nothing to do but bake really had an impact on my waist line which in turn had an impact on my identity. As the world tentatively re-opened I decided I needed to turn things around and completely overhauled my lifestyle. I started at home with… Read More »A journey to health and wellness

Looking after your teeth during pregnancy

I’ve written before about my horrific pregnancy experience. I suffered with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is basically extreme sickness throughout the entire nine months, and not limited to just mornings either. I was so weak and dehydrated that I was hospitalised several times. It wasn’t a great time for me. Of course during this period I was extremely anxious and worried about a multitude of things,… Read More »Looking after your teeth during pregnancy

Virtual First Dates

I was asked to think about online dating by some of my friends when I became single a couple of years ago and I brushed off the idea very quickly. Then lockdown happened and suddenly I’ve become used to having my social life existing online. In fact technology made lockdown almost bearable and suddenly the notion of online dating didn’t seem quite so daunting to… Read More »Virtual First Dates

Life After Lockdown

Dare I say it….. life has resumed a sense of normality and it’s strange to say the least. After a year of limited social contact, as a bonafide extrovert who thrives on human interactions I spent the best part of a year on social media. Somewhere along the lines I still managed to lose a sense of self. I spent most of the winter with… Read More »Life After Lockdown

Making it count

This is a collaborative blog post Our year of home schooling is complete and whilst we’re all looking forward to a summer of fun with a roadmap out of lockdown it’s great to pause to reflect on what a year it’s been. There’s lots of things we have learnt over the last twelve months and some things we are going to change in our lifestyle… Read More »Making it count