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How to Raise a Confident Child

As children grow and develop new skills, they also become increasingly more confident. Confidence is important because it’s what allows children to put those skills into practise and bounce back if things don’t go to plan. It’s what allows them to perform well in school and eventually seek out a successful and fulfilling career. Those who lack confidence are usually afraid to try. Parents can help their children become more… Read More »How to Raise a Confident Child


Start-Rite Vegan school shoes review

Measuring up Shopping for school shoes is not much fun at all for busy parents. When Arlo started school in September I was surprised at the prices of school shoes. I was also shocked at just how chaotic al of the shops were. It felt like the measuring process was rushed. The first thing Start-rite shoes did when I agreed to review their shoes was… Read More »Start-Rite Vegan school shoes review

Football teams in the West Midlands

A friend of mine yesterday asked me about which football grounds you can visit in the Midlands. Her son has decided that he wants to visit as many of the U.K. based football grounds as he can and get a treat from each gift shop along the way. This is a huge challenge as there are 361 football grounds across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.… Read More »Football teams in the West Midlands


Sustainability for our future

We constantly hear the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra and it is of course for a very good reason. Arlo seems to have learnt about recycling before he has mastered reading the alphabet. I’ve been making lots of changes around my home in an attempt to be more Earth friendly because this really does matter. I’m determined that Arlo grows up in world which is green,… Read More »Sustainability for our future

What to consider when buying a duvet

Looking to buy a new duvet? It’s an important investment, and all this talk about togs can be confusing. If you want to ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible, a good duvet is key (along with the right mattress and best pillow for you). To further improve your sleep this winter, you could consider investing in an electric blanket or wake up light… Read More »What to consider when buying a duvet

Tennis bracelet review – CARAT London

I have already published my Valentine’s Day gift guide which is full of unusual fun gift ideas for your loved ones, however I felt that this tennis bracelet from CARAT deserved its own full page feature, purely because from the moment I opened it I fell in love with it. This beautiful bracelet is sterling silver with a white gold finish and it’s beauty lies… Read More »Tennis bracelet review – CARAT London

Get Christmas wrapped up with Aura

I am absolutely obsessed with Christmas (in case you hadn’t noticed) and we love all things festive in this household. We have so many cute little surprises for our family and friends – you can see our gift guides and amazing advent is practically bursting as they’re so full – now that the big day is approaching we have also been working hard on handmade… Read More »Get Christmas wrapped up with Aura