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A trolley load of value

(This blog post is sponsored by Jack’s Supermarket) Introducing a new budget friendly store Jack’s supermarket is a relatively new kid on the block when it comes to budget supermarkets and I was delighted to be given the opportunity to try out Jack’s for my essential food shop and see just how far I could stretch £30. My local Jack’s is five minutes drive away… Read More »A trolley load of value

Melted snowman cookies

Here’s a really simple way to incorporate winter in to your baking….. melted snowman cookies. You will need: Cookies Icing sugar Marshmallows Food colouring pens I made a batch of cookies using our three ingredient sugar butter and flour recipe but you could just as easily use a digestive or similar biscuit as a base if you’re short of time. Simply decorate your marshmallows with… Read More »Melted snowman cookies


Here’s a really simple idea for finger foods which are ideal for baby led weaning – once you’re satisfied that babies are comfortable with the ingredients (mainly eggs you need to be confident with) it’s great to start combining things and making it more interesting. All you need to do for this is beat eggs and then add in some ingredients of your own –… Read More »Frittatas

Chef Arlo makes Pizza

At 21 months it’s about time that Arlo started learning a trade and so daddy picked up a packet of Pastry and set up an invitation to play on the kitchen table (apparently this is also called “mise en place” and is quite a professional set up.

Frozen fish teething remedy

These bad boys are lifesavers when you have a teething baby or when it’s unbearably hot outside. Last summer was crazy hot and these frozen fish were in constant supply. I use the Ikea fish ice cube mould because they’re such a good shape to grip and these are a simple 2/3 ingredient task which you chuck in a bowl and mix. Ingredients Greek yoghurt… Read More »Frozen fish teething remedy

First foods – Week one

Arlo turned six months over the Christmas period so I set up a weaning advent calendar. Instead of opening a door to a chocolate every day, he had the opportunity to experience a new taste. He had experienced a few tastes – baby porridge being one of the first textures and also banana…. I remember he also stole a chip from right under my nose… Read More »First foods – Week one

Weaning – Preparation

This is going to be a long one….. probably best to do this in a few stages! So you’re probably approaching the six months mark and now you’ve settled into a routine, it’s almost time to turn everything up side down (quite literally). I would always advocate the guidelines which at this point in time state that it’s best to wait until your baby is… Read More »Weaning – Preparation