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Teaching kids knife skills

As a trainee teacher in design and technology one thing which I am constantly repeating over and over is “bridge and claw” – this is the method we use to teach knife skills to our children from year seven and I have found myself repeating it to the GCSE groups too. Some pupils could rival Gordon Ramsey with their culinary skills whilst others have never… Read More »Teaching kids knife skills

Summer Pavlova

There’s no dessert which screams summer louder than a strawberry Pavlova, and I had to make one at the very first opportunity I had this year with some left over egg whites, having been experimenting with mayonnaise as part of a practical session at uni. Squeezing in this recipe between making three different kinds of pastry recipes was no mean feat but we managed to… Read More »Summer Pavlova

Indulgent no bake mini egg cheese cake

This weekend marked the Spring Equinox and so we decided to start with the Easter bakes. This indulgent mini egg cheesecake is a fun one for little ones to make because it involves lots of bashing with a rolling pin. You will need: For the base Digestive biscuits – 300g Ground almonds – 50g Honey 2tbsp Crushed hazelnuts 50g Mini eggs – a handful Butter… Read More »Indulgent no bake mini egg cheese cake

Love bug cookies

These love bug cookies are a twist on our super simple sugar cookie recipe which is the basis for all of our fun themed biscuit bases. You will need: 200g butter 100g sugar 300g flour Vanilla essence Red food colouring Choc chips Chocolate Edible eyes Heart cookie cutter You begin by combining the sugar, flour and butter in a bowl with the red food colouring.… Read More »Love bug cookies

Melted snowman cookies

Here’s a really simple way to incorporate winter in to your baking….. melted snowman cookies. You will need: Cookies Icing sugar Marshmallows Food colouring pens I made a batch of cookies using our three ingredient sugar butter and flour recipe but you could just as easily use a digestive or similar biscuit as a base if you’re short of time. Simply decorate your marshmallows with… Read More »Melted snowman cookies

Chef Arlo makes Pizza

At 21 months it’s about time that Arlo started learning a trade and so daddy picked up a packet of Pastry and set up an invitation to play on the kitchen table (apparently this is also called “mise en place” and is quite a professional set up.