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Family Friendly Days out

Bodenham Arboretum

Bodenham Arboretum

    Bodenham has become another one of our most favourite outdoor places to explore, and is a hidden treasure of the Midlands. As you turn in to the main drive you’re greeted with a landscape of rolling hills and in spring time there’s plenty of lambs to see skipping in the fields. The visitor centre is adjacent to the main pool, and it’s a sight to… Read More »Bodenham Arboretum

    Cannock Chase and the Gruffalo Trail

    Cannock Chase Gruffalo Trail

      Spring has sprung and the days are now mild enough to enjoy a walk in the great outdoors. Cannock Chase Gruffalo Trail is one of our favourite places to visit for a wander and is great value – as all you really need to pay for is the car parking. We usually park up near the visitor centre and there’s ample car parking as well… Read More »Cannock Chase Gruffalo Trail

      Umberslade Farm Park Pony Experience

      Umberslade Farm changes

        Just before Christmas 2020  many of our planned activities were cancelled. I felt heartbroken for all of the businesses struggling amidst the chaos of 2020 and was delighted to see places such as Umberslade Farm try to make the most of things. During the summer we visited and went on a 5k trek around the grounds and I noticed on the website they were offering… Read More »Umberslade Farm changes

        Umberslade Adventures

          Tucked away on the very outskirts of Birmingham is this lovely little outdoor adventure playground. My sister invited us out one Sunday morning – she sent me the postcode and told me to pack a lunch, we had no idea where we were heading, but we were looking forward to a day with the wildlings (aka the cousins). I put the details in my satnav… Read More »Umberslade Adventures

          The Indie Kids Disco

            Since Arlo came along….. well even before that I haven’t really been out much, nights out don’t really appeal to me, I’m happier celebrating an early bed time with a cosy night indoors, plus as a new mum I haven’t got a stitch to wear! I don’t know how to floss or how to dab, I’m an indie kid at heart – so imagine my… Read More »The Indie Kids Disco

            We’re going on a bear hunt – theatre performance at The Mac

              This morning we woke up at a ridiculous hour (even earlier than usual) because of the clocks going backwards. Despite my best efforts to stay in bed for a lovely Sunday lie in – it wasn’t going to happen. By 9am we had had breakfast with dinosaurs, done lots of stickers and stamping and we had read “we’re going on a bear hunt” a dozen… Read More »We’re going on a bear hunt – theatre performance at The Mac

              Seals in the City

                We were invited to a special evening at the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham to celebrate the arrival of Miley and Boo. Miley and Boo, who each have medical conditions which will prevent them from ever surviving in the wild, have been fostered from Sea Life Centres in Hunstanton and Scarborough respectively in order to make critical space within rehabilitation hospitals for the coastal sites during… Read More »Seals in the City