How to keep your luggage safe in London

Luggage and travel go together. One of the first things we arrange when planning our journey is our luggage. There are two things to remember to keep your luggage safe in London: packing the right stuff before you go and storing or using it safely when you’re traveling. But, nowadays there’s also another thing that … Read more

Military Attorneys: Things you should know

Although it is common knowledge that there are lawyers in the civilian world, fewer people are aware that there are lawyers in the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Air Force as well. So the first basic question is, what are attorneys called in the military? The Judge Advocate General’s Corps, sometimes known as the … Read more

The Kitty Cafe Birmingham – review

I shared our Kitty Cafe Birmingham experience in my social media channels during February Half Term. Before I shared our review I did pause to think about wether our meal was an isolated event and if I should revisit at a different time but I received an influx of comments and messages with people letting … Read more

4 Steps to Improve Your Health and Well-Being

Living a healthy and fulfilling life is something everyone strives for, yet it can be difficult to achieve. Luckily, there are a few simple steps that can be taken in order to improve your overall health and well-being. From making simple dietary changes to increasing physical activity, these steps are key to creating a lifestyle … Read more

Family friendly Festivals in the Midlands

We love a festival – we will take any excuse to dance barefoot in a field and apply glitter in copious amounts. There’s nothing more exciting to us than escaping from the real world for a couple of days and enjoying the freedom and frivolity. The chance to be unapologetically yourself is one I suggest … Read more

7 Ways to Stay Happier in 2023

Stay Happier-a woman and a child posing for a picture.

Ever wondered why you do not feel content with life? Well, mind-wandering is an exceptional predictor of people’s happiness. The pursuit of happiness is a relative concept. Behavioural scientists have spent significant effort researching the reasoning behind the conception of happiness. We know that contentment can predict health and mortality, and happiness levels can be … Read more

Keeping Your Kids Hydrated When They Don’t Like Water

The benefits of drinking water – for adults and kids – are crystal. Water is essential for the proper functioning of the organs, facilitating healthy body processes (like digestion and excretion), maintaining healthy looking skin, and much more. However, some people (especially kids) dislike water and require more persuasion to drink.  Even though you know … Read more