What it feels like to be a mom.

It’s so difficult to explain exactly what it feels like to be a mom. There’s no love quite like it. As I write here on Mother’s Day with a five year old who means the absolute world sat beside me it’s a challenge to try and remember what life was like before he existed. Before … Read more

How to keep your luggage safe in London

Luggage and travel go together. One of the first things we arrange when planning our journey is our luggage. There are two things to remember to keep your luggage safe: packing the right stuff before you go and storing or using it safely when you’re traveling. But, nowadays there’s also another thing that many of … Read more

Military Attorneys: Things you should know

Although it is common knowledge that there are lawyers in the civilian world, fewer people are aware that there are lawyers in the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Air Force as well. So the first basic question is, what are attorneys called in the military? The Judge Advocate General’s Corps, sometimes known as the … Read more