All that glistens….

I decided last week to buy some gold leaf on Amazon for the mirror above my fireplace.
I painted the mirror bright pink in the summer and I loved the flashing colours but as we approach winter and I’m thinking about the Christmas decor I have planned I wanted to go for something a little different. I’ve never used gold leaf before so I bought “fake” gold rather than the expensive stuff and when it arrived there were 200 sheets.

I haven’t done this before ever, and so I wasn’t quite sure what to do or where to begin – I used watered down PVA glue and applied it to the frame and then waited quite a while for it to dry and become tacky before carefully lifting sheets up with a brush and placing them down.

I went the whole way around and decided that I still wanted to be able to see a little bit of pink so then ended up using a brush to distress the gold and reveal the paint underneath.

This was the finished result and made me immensely happy and so of course I started thinking about what else I could apply gold to….. and plant pots seemed like the obvious choice.

I had four terracotta pots which were not being used and so I applied the same glue to these – in different places so they would all be individual.

This little time lapse video shows how I did it.

For now these are stacked on the fireplace with my autumnal pine cones and a pumpkin, I think I’ll be adding a poinsettia is something more festive to these and I was so happy with this I decided to add gold to some pinecones too.

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