5 ways to get outside more

 Get outside more

Spending time in the great outdoors has so many benefits – from improvements in mental health, seeing beautiful new sights, getting fresh, natural air, partaking in fun activities, getting a daily dose of vitamin D – and the list goes on. Being mindful of how much time you spend outdoors and actively trying to increase this time can lead to some amazing improvements in your life. With the warm summer air coming, here are some ways that you can get outside:

Start Small

I get it – we’re all busy. Some of you are probably thinking, “I don’t have time to get outside!” You don’t need to spend all your time outside to enjoy some of the benefits of the great outdoors. Starting with something that takes minimal time, like a daily (or even weekly) walk, can help you increase that outdoor time without cutting into your busy schedule too much. If a walk is too time-consuming, try standing outside for a few minutes in the morning when you first wake up. Even just opening the windows to let in some fresh air can be helpful!

Hire Professional Help

 Get outside more

Is your to-do list as long as you are tall? Take a look at the items on that list and ask yourself if it’s something you need to do, or if you can delegate. Having others help with your to-do list will save you time – time that you can be spending outdoors doing something you enjoy. If you have mounds of laundry to do, ask your significant other or a child to help out. If you’re able to, you can hire a house cleaner to assist with chores around the house. If you’re moving or have large items you need removed or delivered, you can hire a moving company to help out. One that I recently heard of is MT. Zion Moving & Storage LLC. They are labor only movers in Tampa and they also do full-service residential and commercial moving. With them, you will receive award winning service, reliable and efficient moving services, and your customer satisfaction will always be their first priority. These are the kind of companies that will save you so much time and worry!

Start a Garden

 Get outside more

Gardens are a wonderful way to get (and keep) you outdoors. Planting seeds or young plants takes some time outdoors as it is, but even once your seeds/plants are planted, they keep you coming back for more! Watching your baby plants turn into full-grown beauties (with flowers or fruits/veggies in some cases) is so fulfilling! Plants also require some upkeep. Between watering, fertilizing, and enjoying checking on your plants as they grow, this is a very fulfilling way to get outdoors.

Find Something You Enjoy

 Get outside more

This seems self-explanatory, but you are more likely to get outdoors if you enjoy doing it. Some people just enjoy being outdoors and doing nothing, but if this isn’t you, find something you enjoy. There are so many wonderful outdoor activities! I previously talked about starting a garden, but some other options are outdoor sports like soccer, baseball, hiking, running, or rock climbing, having picnics, spending time with friends or family, doing activities like white water rafting, and so many more! If you’re having trouble thinking of something you’d enjoy doing, try taking your indoor activities outdoors. Do you enjoy painting? Try moving outside and painting a landscape!

Get Outside with work

 Get outside more

I know this isn’t an option for everyone, but if working outside is something that you have the freedom to do, try setting up a workspace in the shade (or the sun) and enjoy the benefits of the outdoors while being productive. Your work day might even go by a little quicker!

As you can see, there are so many benefits to getting outdoors, and many ways you can increase your time outside. Enjoy, and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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