Stocking filler ideas for 2021

With only ten weeks until Christmas Arlo has already started to point out items he wants to add to his Christmas wish list, and of course as a parent I want to do my best and get him some awesome gifts, however when I think back to my childhood, the most memorable gifts have always been the funny little things. My parents used to fill my stocking with the traditional chocolate coins and a satsuma but then my dad would find the most random little things which made us all laugh because they were so unexpected. Now it’s my turn to continue this tradition and Wicked Uncle has me covered.

Wicked Uncle asked me to check out their website and choose some of my favourites, and so I have had a good browse and here’s some of my favourites – all coming in at under £10. Not only ideal stocking filters for kids of all ages but maybe also great for random Secret Santa gifts too.

Dinosaur torch and projector £6.95

My dad always popped a torch in the top of our stockings, probably so that we could open everything in the stockings from bed without waking them up too early on Christmas morning. I’m continuing this tradition and love finding unique items for Arlo – this was last years and he loves the three little discs which rotate with different dinosaur images. There are also different options for animal and unicorn fans so all the kids can have “the same but different”

Retro Box of sweets £5.99

It’s almost a given that it’s okay to have sweets first thing on Christmas morning. I love the idea of a box filled with retro classics such as fruit salads again because it gives me nostalgic childhood memories.

Unicorn Poo £4.95

I do not know what the fascination is with slime and sticky things but the kids love it. We have made all sorts of random mixes this year but have never managed to create a rainbow without mixing all of the colours together so this will make them all smile – I love finding weird and wonderful gifts which have a private joke – guaranteed this is the gift they will remember in twenty years time and not the high value items I have been attempting to source for months.

Paper planes £8.95

I love little creative gifts, the kind of thing the entire family can get involved with. I have a feeling that after dinner that we will be hosting a paper plane tournament and everyone can get involved with this kit which has enough for sixty planes. I just know that my dad will love doing this with the kids which will free me up for a little afternoon nap.

Chocolate frogs with Popping Candy £5.95

We are avid Harry Potter fans in this household and if you are too then you will know the significance of chocolate frogs. The popping Candy surprise in these will make everyone smile and again it’s one of those gifts which everyone will understand the personal significance of.

Here’s a little pic of Arlo on his first Christmas – I popped him in my stocking, the same one I’ve had since I was a little girl and my parents have now given this to me to continue the traditions. I am really looking forward to this year as it’s probably the first year Arlo truly understands what’s going on and he’s totally bought in to the magic. I can’t wait to create some memories and have a Christmas filled with laughter and surprises! I think I’m going to surprise my parents with a stocking filled with little surprises reminiscent of christmases past.

Neon Frame £16.95

The team at Wicked Uncle are working with me on my Amazing Advent and are offering one lucky reader the chance to win this awesome light up neon frame which will make the ideal gift for creative types.

Tap this picture to enter the free giveaway. T&C’s apply click here for more info. Giveaway closes on 1st December

This blog post is sponsored by Wicked Uncle

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