The house that chaos built

DIY is slowly taking over my life and I am enjoying it. I think being stuck indoors staring at the same walls for the best part of 2020 must have caused me to have some weird hallucinations because I have become obsessed with colour….. well more so than usual anyway.

I have always said my favourite colour is rainbow and now I’m trying to find the right balance between eclectic, stylish and unique as well as creating a home which is practical to live in too.

Our house has always been a home, I found it back in 2011 and persuaded my parents and sis to move in with me and over the last ten years it’s been home to all of us – with partners and four additional babies. It’s the epicentre of our family gatherings and it always will be so this affects my planning – I need to make sure I always have space for ten at my table! With so many people and so much going on in our busy family I’ve never had the chance to make this place my own.

This summer the planets aligned and I finally have the place to myself to do with as I please. I was unexpectedly left in a half empty house and happy to sit with my own thoughts and imagine it all filled with colour. As I began to explain to my mum I wanted to paint the living room pink her eyes widened in horror. As I shared Pinterest boards with my friends they told me to calm down and not to do everything at once. Then I made the mistake of introducing Arlo to paint swatches one evening and now he loves getting involved in the decision making process.

I tend to see a colour scheme or an idea, love it, want it and am already half way out the door and checking the opening times of the hardware store before I’ve had a chance to pin a picture. I rush around so much I rarely have a chance to measure anything, but when I do I become obsessive. I see things on Facebook market place, Charity shops and even in skips and just have to have them.

So as a result here I am in a four bedroom house. Five months in I have the walls in every room painted in the colours I think I’m sticking with, and now the lovely project of dressing the rooms is about to commence. I’m going to look back at some of my favourite spaces and share the thought process behind my rooms. I might try and share some hints and tips with you too but quite frankly I pretty much make it up as I go along and so the way I hang wallpaper probably isn’t very orthodox.

So welcome to the section of my blog called the house that chaos built.

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