30 Thirty Day Challenge Inspiration

I’ve already written a blog about my thoughts and feelings, and with two days to go until Lockdown part two I’m determined to make the most of it. Taking up new hobbies and trying countless craft projects really kept me going through the summer, but I think it’s going to be harder now the sunshine isn’t here. I have been browsing the internet for thirty day challenges and have collated some of my favourites …. thirty of them in fact! I’m not sure I’ll be able to stick to them all but on days when motivation is scarce hopefully these will give me some inspiration.

My top tip is to find a group of people – the girls WhatsApp chat, your Instagram mates, a Facebook group and take on one challenge and find the time to share your experiences and results with each other. You can get creative and share pics, or just talk about your experiences. Stay connected to other people and even though the days might merge together at least you will have something new to share.

First things first:

1. Mindfulness

I used to roll my eyes at this kind of thing but it really does help when you’re feeling stressed to just “pause”.

2. squats

this one sounds like it will be a killer but worth a go!

3. Abs

I quite like this one – looks like it would take half an hour so something I might squeeze in during my lunch break.

4. Photography

This photography challenge might help inspire some social media content.

5. Craft challenge

this one is great for all the creatives to get inspired – sometimes it’s hard to find your mojo but all it takes is a little prompt to get going in the morning.

6. Instagram stories

This one might help fellow bloggers with their story content, this is one way to really engage your audience and be different when every day seems like it’s on repeat.

7. Lego challenge

Love this – one to try with the kids maybe? Logan will love this and I think we will compete.

8. A blog writing challenge

For fellow bloggers looking for inspiration when stuck indoors. I love the idea of sorting a letter to my teenage self.

9. A drawing challenge

I love this idea – might have to get my sketch book out and have a go – trying out different media’s will make it even more fun.

10. A health challenge

This one seems like a simple one to try for overall health motivation…. it’s the little things which make a big difference.

11. A mental health challenge

This challenge has some great ideas, I find taking ten mins to set aside and focus on stuff like this outside of my usual routine really helps manage stress

12. A self care challenge

Let’s work on ourselves whilst we’re thinking about it too, we might have to be creative with some of the ideas but look after number one!

13. Play challenges

Play challenges are a personal favourite of mine. This one is a great one to follow on Instagram and can be started at any time, you don’t need to join in every day – follow the hashtag for inspiration.

14. A seasonal play challenge

This play challenge has lots of ideas to try out which fit November perfectly. With another hashtag to follow for some inspiration.

15. A make up challenge

Going to continue trying to make an effort with make up each morning (after my workouts of course) and see what I can come up with.

16. This is early bird workout seems like a good one for an all round session – if I can get it out of the way first thing my day will start as I mean to go on.

17. The gratitude challenge

Taking the time every day to think about things you’re grateful for seems like a good idea. This is one to dip in to when you feel “meh”

18. The taking the p**s challenge

This one also made me giggle – I think I can get the girls group chat to make this a topic for the day…. having a group of mates to vent to really helps so this is a reminder to stay connected and try to see the fun side of things.

19. A movie challenge

One for the movie fans to think about and share – I’m always asking for Netflix suggestions and these prompts might help find some old classics and fab new films to enjoy.

20 The Disney challenge

One here for the Disney fans – write about these, share pics or just watch the movies in the evening!

21. The music challenge

For the music fans this one for you – sing your heart out for five mins! Chat about your fave albums, watch live sets on YouTube and get those festival vibes flowing.

22. The crochet challenge

I did try my hand at crochet in summer so might challenge myself again now it’s cosy indoors….. it takes me a few days to get one thing made but I think I could manage a scarf.

23. Another fitness challenge

I’m back to the fitness ones now – this seems like a good back one to try out. I’m not really sure which areas I want to work on and it’s good to have a few options I suppose.

24. Arm challenge

This one for arms sounds like it would be tough but worth a shot – I think I can do this just before cooking dinner with tins of beans from the cupboards.

25. A spring clean challenge

This one is for the Hinch fans out there – worth doing before Christmas for sure – I don’t think I’ve ever washed my walls.

26. A baking challenge

For my fellow baking fans here’s a fab challenge to follow…. not every day if I’m trying the health stuff too but everyone deserves a treat now and again.

27. A de-clutter challenge

If you’re anything like me with stuff everywhere then this one might give a sense of achievement.

28. Personal growth challenge

I love this one – seems like one to create a positive outlook on life and help especially when working from home.

29. The positivity challenge

Be more positive – this might be the last thing I do every night just before falling asleep.

30. The nature challenge

I’ve been thinking about being stuck indoors but getting outside really is refreshing no matter the weather.

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