Tuff Tray – Construction

Here’s another really simple set up using bits from around the garden and more of our favourite toys.

Items I used:

  • Sand from the sand box
  • Compost
  • Gravel
  • Stones
  • Toy diggers

A really simple and quick activity to set up and another one which keeps a busy little toddler occupied for quite a while. Just add in random textures which match their favourite toys (like my previous dinosaur tray set up) He was happy to sit and mix up the materials on this tray set up, and we talked about the difference between the little and big stones and how heavy they are. He enjoyed making paths and using his different toys to move the materials around. This was an activity where Arlo wanted me to join in and play, and I didn’t mind joining in with this one…. it’s the first time he had used real materials with his diggers.

I think next time I will go more elaborate and add in some building blocks to see if we can construct rather than just destroy.

Exploring mini beasts – A Tuff Tray invitation for pre schoolers

Like most three year olds Arlo is absolutely obsessed with bugs and so now that spring is blooming the garden is full of them and they are a great natural resource to explore. We have been moving around the pots and digging up the borders for the last few weeks and so have found quite […]

Arctic indoor sensory bin activity

Continuing on with our Antarctic and winter themed play activities today I decided to make Arlo up a messy sensory bin of icebergs…. but instead of using a tuff tray outdoors I used a storage container which has a depth of about 20cm which is enough to contain the mess for indoor play. You will […]

A snow dough tinker tray

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