Friendship bracelets

This is a super simple activity

You will need:

  • Pipe cleaners (Poundland)
  • Beads (eBay)
  • There’s lots of difference facets to this seemingly simple activity. First of all there’s colour sorting and counting. Arlo was very selective about which colours he wanted to use.
  • Then there’s the developing dexterity and making patterns. You can use pens and paper to plan your bracelet pattern ahead.
  • Then the best bit is the gifting of the finished bracelets. Arlo was extremely proud of his finished creations.
  • Then there’s the friendship part…. Arlo is too little to write his own letters but we packed up a little set of beads and pipe cleaners and sent them to our friends in the post last week.
  • Mum tip – I always make sure I supervise Arlo with beads, and count exactly how many we have before setting up and after an activity like this.
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