Decorating cookies

You will need:

  • Writing icing
  • Sprinkles / sweets
  • Biscuits
  • Flat oven tray
  • Ice cube tray

This is a really quick and simple activity – especially if you don’t particularly like baking because you could use something as simple as a digestive – all of the things you need can be added to the supermarket food shop if you don’t have them in your cupboards already

I set this up with biscuits on a large flat oven tray to provide lots of space for spilling sprinkles.

Mum tip: Pour a small amount of sprinkles in to an ice cube tray rather than giving a toddler a whole tub (I learnt this the hard way)

Then simply let them get to work. The tubes of writing icing are easy to handle but this could easily be done with melted chocolate or mixed icing sugar.

Use whatever you have in the cupboards and then let it fit the theme – we’ve got chick shaped biscuits here for Easter – we decorated one for every person in the house, and Arlo was delighted to deliver these to everyone once finished.

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