Colour Mixing

Arlo is lucky enough to have a mud kitchen, but you don’t need an elaborate set up for this. In fact I couldn’t find any of his usual tools so had to ‘make do’

You will need:

  • Water based paints
  • 2/3 squeezy water bottles (or pipettes if you have them)
  • Washing up bowl

Unscrew the lids from the bottles and add a small amount of water based paint – I stick to red, yellow and blue the primary colours.

Place these bottles at your action station and then let the toddlers set to work mixing them up.

Arlo tends to squeeze these very quickly and so I have refills available, and stand back from a safe and dry distance as he mixes all of the colours up.

This is a great activity and he things it’s magic when the water changes colour. He recognises the differences between colours and is starting to guess what will happen when you mix two primary colours, or will ask what he needs to use to make green.

Inevitably it does get messy, but using water based paints means that it washes out from clothes.

Arlo’s mud kitchen was purchased from Midlands Mud play and Crafts on Facebook and painted by me last year with the rainbow colours.

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